APEX: Astounding Thrills & Other Marvelous Pulp Stories is a classically-inspired pulp roleplaying game, set in an era where secret lost worlds house prehistorica marvels, massive dinosaurs clash with weird diesel pulp science, and two fisted action heroes explore worlds that time left behind!

Play as one of many numerous classes, utilizing science, magic, or just your own brains and brawn, facing down fearsome foes and enemies as you encounter ASTOUNDING THRILLS!

When we started brainstorming the idea of a dinosaur themed RPG to go with the APEX line of products, Alan (Bahr) suggested a sort of hollow earth or lost world kind of approach, set in the 1930's and we thought that sounded like a fantastic idea. It was a way to put dinosaurs and people together in a pretty cool setting that is a ton of fun.

The game rules and text are complete. This game is already designed, playtested, and excepting a few tweaks to add a lot of dinosaur action, it's complete. Art work is in progress and we anticipate the artwork to be complete in September, at which point this will go into layout.

We are anticipating this to come in around 100-120 pages and it will include all the rules you need to play.

Our plan is to release this through our currently running APEX: World of Dinosaurs Kickstarter and later through our website and our DriveThruRPG store in both digital and print.

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