Outland Entertainment Acquires Volars Static Over Space

Acquisition Announcement: STATIC OVER SPACE, A Madcap SciFi Series Smashing through Gender Norms

by Alana Joli Abbott

We are delighted to have acquired the first novel of a gender-bending space opera series from Mexican-American debut writer C. G. Volars. With a bisexual, Latinx hero and cast of unpredictably oddball aliens, STATIC OVER SPACE flips the script on damsels-in-distress to take a hilariously scathing look at the underlying nature of sexual politics, gender roles, and power imbalance.

When Izo is kidnapped by aliens and dragged halfway across the universe, all he wants is to find a way home —and a decent sandwich. He knew being able to fly made him special, but he had no idea the cult-like—yet strangely servile—status that Avarians held beyond Earth's boundaries. As they arrive in the entertainment capital of IA, he's got one choice: cooperate with his captor’s increasingly ridiculous schemes for a return trip to Earth, or take flight and be trapped on the wrong side of the universe forever.

Easy, right?

Mixing zany, nonsensical mayhem and voice-driven satire with modern representations and necessary #MeToo discussions, this series opener will launch readers into a world of warring CEOs, gender-bent intrigue, and flight. Until the starship docks with Outland on March 8, 2022, right in time for International Women’s Day, be sure to follow C. G. Volars on Twitter.

Outland Entertainment Editor in Chief Alana Joli Abbott acquired world rights from Volars in a single novel deal.

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