Outland Entertainment Acquires Elijah Richardson and Leroy E. Bryant's Night of the Vegan



Independent Publisher Outland Entertainment to Publish the graphic novel Night of the Vegan by Elijah Richardson & Leroy E. Bryant

Kansas City, MO: Outland Entertainment is pleased to announce a collaboration with Elijah Richardson and Leroy E. Bryant to publish their zombie graphic novel, Night of the Vegan.

The citizens of Prosperous Lake, New Mexico, a quaint neighborly agricultural community, are preparing for the town's honor of hosting the County's 100th Agricultural Fair.

As the town prepares for the event, a nefarious U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, Brooke Meadows, has her own plan for the sleepy township, making them the unknowing test site for an untested super fertilizer called Vegantuan XL. When the tanker truck transporting the volatile supplement crashes, it's contents, in the form of a gas, settles over Prosperous Lake's cemetery. Meadows immediately scrambles her allies to cover-up the incident but no one could prepare for the collateral effects of the crash. It doesn't take long for the dead to return to life with an insatiable appetite for…vegetables. The Vegantuan XL reanimated corpses rise from their dirt naps not for a taste of flesh or brain but for the taste of fruits and Romaine.

Now a town, with the biggest county fair of the century, is under siege and overwhelmed, Sheriff Elwood Beechum and the town leaders struggle to find a solution to save their prized gourds and vegetation.

Their only salvation may come from out-of-towner Wille a.k.a. Vinny "The Shovel" Zapparelli, a Philly Mob rat now in witness protection. An all out war ensues between the Vegan Zombies and townsfolk where the stakes are high. The lovelorn transient has fallen for the town's sweetheart Linder Hammersmith and quickly realizes to win her heart he must shed his lone wolf persona and reluctantly join them in fighting for their town. Will the former mob enforcer's street savvy past be enough to help? Prosperous Lake citizens rise up to save the County Fair before the orchards and fields are stained with that life giving ruby red liquid…tomato juice of course.

Outland Entertainment will be launching a crowdfunding campaign in February 2021 and publishing the graphic novel in July of 2021. You can be notified on launch and follow the campaign HERE!

Night of the Vegan was adapted by Alana Joli Abbott from a screenplay created by Elijah Richardson and Leroy E. Bryant II. The cover and the first 20 pages of pencils and inks by Chris Yarbrough. Pencils and inks for pages 21-60 by Lee Oaks. Colors by Figue with letters by Ed Dukeshire.

About Outland Entertainment: Outland Entertainment is an independent publisher specializing in transmedia worldbuilding in speculative long and short fiction, comics, graphic novels, tabletop and RPG games, and other forms of media. We design, produce, and distribute our products. Our works are distributed through our website and networks like IPG and Comixology.

About Elijah Richardson: Elijah grew up and was raised in Jersey City, New Jersey. After graduating from St. Joseph’s H.S., Elijah attended West Virginia University to pursue a career in education. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Education, minor in Sports Management. He spent over fifteen years as a director for the YMCA and Boys & Girls Club. At both organizations, Elijah provided programs and services to thousands of children to prepare them for success.

Elijah and business partner Leroy have also been writing screenplays for several years. In 2005, as a screenwriting team, they completed their first original screenplay, “The Second Coming,” after initially collaborating on a comic book project. The screenplay earned them a quarterfinalist placing in the Writer’s on the Storm screenwriting contest in LA.

In 2018, Elijah and Leroy co-wrote, produced and directed their original script Creature I n The Woods, which was released worldwide by Summer Hills Films.

In 2019, Elijah and Leroy’s book Yesterday Mourning which they adapted from their original screenplay of same title was published and released worldwide by Covenant Books.

Elijah is a graduate of the Hollywood Film Institute with diplomas for “Feature Film Producers” and has been certified as a “Cinema Director & Line Producer.”

Elijah has obtained dozens of certifications throughout his professional careers such as Effective Guidance & Discipline, Raising Annual Operating Funds, The Boardroom: Foundation for Governance, Developing Superior Work Teams, Clinician for the National Youth Sports Coaches Association, Marketing & Public Relations certificate.

About Leroy E. Bryant II: Leroy attended and graduated from Delcastle Technical High School in Wilmington, Delaware. He later attended Delaware Technical and Community College graduating with an associate degree in Criminal Justice. He is fluent in Italian.

Leroy co-founded, co-owned and operated Allegra Desserts S.A.S. from 1999 until 2007 when he sold his shares in the company to pursue a career in film. The company operated as Divina Desserts USA in the United States. He was the Director of U.S. Operations and head of the company’s research and development for the Italian-based company. Leroy was responsible for day-to-day operations of the company’s largest market, the United States (and Canada until 2002). The company produced artisan classic Italian desserts, which it exported to seven different countries from Italy. In just two years, in 2001, Leroy’s vision and leadership catapulted Divina/Allegra Desserts to succeed as the second largest dessert manufacturer in Southern Italy.

Leroy has co-written two re-writes for Emmy and Peabody and award-winning Producer Lee Levinson of Lee Levinson Productions; Leroy has co-directed and co-produced two original reality show sizzle-reels entitled Chesapeake Crabbers and Urban Voodoo.

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