Outland Acquires Sakai & Noguchi's Yasuke: The African Samurai

Acquisition Announcement: YASUKE: THE AFRICAN SAMURAI comic series!

We are excited to have acquired the historical comic series YASUKE: THE AFRICAN SAMURAI, created and written by Koji Steven Sakai, with artwork by Jamie Noguchi. Outland Entertainment previously worked with Koji on the graphic novel, Santa VS Zombies. We are incredibly thrilled to have the opportunity to work with him again.

We'll be running a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter this summer to fund the printing for the first issue and the artwork for the second. The series is currently planned as a three issue limited series.

If you would like to know when we launch the campaign, follow along here!

Sword fighting, blood, archery, gun battles, death, chivalry, backstabbing, political intrigue, vendettas. This is the world of medieval Japan, where samurais—and sometimes even ninjas—are constantly fighting each other for control of Japan.

Thanks to countless stories of their honor and heroism, the samurai are perhaps the most legendary warriors in history. However, we know very little of the most unusual samurai of all time. The man named Yasuke has a special place in Japanese history as the first and only black samurai.

You can find more info about Yasuke here as well as a preview of the first eight pages. You can also be notified when we launch the crowdfunding campaign here!

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