Now Available - Where the Veil is Thin

Where the Veil is Thin, An Anthology of Faerie Stories, is Now Available to Purchase in Paperback and eBook

Kansas City, MO (July 7, 2020) -

Outland Entertainment has released Where the Veil is Thin for purchase in paperback and eBook. This anthology of short stories features diverse authors including Seanan McGuire, Glenn Parris, David Bowles, Minsoo Kang, Carlos Hernandez, C.S.E. Cooney, Gwendolyn N. Nix, Alethea Kontis, Shanna Swendson, Grey Yuen, Linda Robertson, L. Penelope, Alana Joli Abbott, and Zin E. Rocklyn.

"It was wonderful to work with such a talented group of writers—and the amazing Cerece Rennie Murphy—to bring together a group of new, diverse fairy stories, some of which are terrifying, some hilarious, and others full of hope,” says editor and contributing author Alana Joli Abbott. “I grew up on fairy tales, but historically these pieces of oral tradition were anything but children’s stories.”

The faerie stories in Where the Veil is Thin go beyond the nursery rhymes and pixie mischief of our childhood and into a more mature consideration of the fey folk. In these pages, you will meet blood-sucking tooth fairies and gentle boo hags, souls who find new shapes after death, and changelings seeking a way to fit into either world. You will cross the veil—but be careful that you remember the way back.

Where the Veil is Thin is available in paperback and eBook and can be purchased on our website or at one of the following distributors: Amazon, Books-a-Million, Barnes & Noble, Powell’s and IndieBound. To find out more, visit our Where the Veil is Thin web page.


About Outland Entertainment: Outland Entertainment is an independent publisher specializing in transmedia worldbuilding in speculative long and short fiction, comics, graphic novels, tabletop and RPG games, and other forms of media. We design, produce, and distribute our products. Our works are distributed through our website and networks like IPG and Comixology. For more information, please visit our About page.

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