La Maupin Stars in Jordan Stratford's Newest "Sword Girl"

Jordan Stratford knows that girls throughout history have been a force to be reckoned with. In the "Sword Girl" books, he focuses on historical young women who have lived lives of daring and danger, placing them firmly within the language and trappings of their era.

Outland is pleased to announce that La Maupin, the second in Stratford's series, is hitting bookshelves today! In La Maupin, the second installment in Stratford's series, the star is a Julie d'Aubigny, whose scandalous life was legendary, even while she was still alive.

A young woman, wearing an expensive pink dress from the 1700s, carrying a rapier
Teenage swordswoman. Grave-robber. Arsonist. Nun. Assassin. Superstar. La Femme Nikita of the 1600s. The true story of 17 year old Julie d'Aubigny, who took 17th century Paris by storm, by stardust, and by steel.

Queen of the underground dueling scene among the wealthy sons of noblemen, daughter of the King's fencing master, she rose in scandal, blood, and reputation to become the leading star of the Paris Opera. Distilled from French "Yé Yé" pop, 1980s Delacorta beach novellas, and Luc Besson films, Sword Girl: La Maupin is a Rococopunk sugar-frosted hand grenade.

Readers who loved the adventures of Viking war queen Lada in Winter by Winter will be enthralled by a soul-sister also fighting to shape her own destiny. La Maupin is also an excellent starting point in the series, as both books stand alone. Fans of modern girl-power films like Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn will enjoy seeing the real-world predecessors of those morally ambiguous superpowered women.

Get your copy of La Maupin in digital or paperback.

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