Kings & Canvas Graphic Novel Acquired by Outland Entertainment!

Outland Entertainment is proud to announce the acquisition of Neil Kleid, Jake Allen, and Frank Reynoso's Kings & Canvas collected graphic novel!

Kings & Canvas was originally published by Monkeybrain Comics and only ever released digitally through Comixology, making it long overdue for a print edition. Outland Entertainment will be publishing a collected edition in hardcover format, which will include a never released sixth issue by the original team!

Years ago, a boxing champion named Mammoth was exiled and imprisoned. Now, a decade later, he punches his way out of prison, ready to return to the family, title, and country he’d left behind. It’s a land in which man, beast, dragon, and champion stride over a battlefield and either raise gloves in triumph…or taste canvas in defeat. Journeying across this changed America, Mammoth must train a grassroots army of pirate champions, irritable sea dwarves, and talking, boxing polar bears to dethrone an unjust king and the evil councilor who’d exiled him years before.

An original boxing fantasy tale, Kings & Canvas explores the lengths a man will go to find purpose after life, liberty, and career have passed him by. Simply described as Game of Thrones meets Rocky Balboa (but with sea dwarves, pirate referees, and talking, boxing dragons), Kings & Canvas is a tale of dynasties, boxing, family, and a new world where honor is gained not by using guns or swords, but rather fists, wits, and the courage to change.

We're planning to launch a Kickstarter to fund the hardcover printing of the book on July 11th. You can follow it here!

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