KC Artist Scribe's Resound Fields Launches on Kickstarter

Here at Outland we specialize in novels, comics, and games, but we've got a few beloved projects that don't exactly fall in line with categories. For example, the tremendous illustrated story Resound Fields by KC artist Scribe... which is now live on Kickstarter!

When Rumpus the rhinoceros calls out “sick” from work to spend the day pursuing his art, he doesn’t expect to be eaten by a giant, flying whale, or end up in a reality completely different from his own. Nor does he realize he’s following the footsteps of his beloved grandfather, who disappeared years ago. But when he finds himself on an island in need of help, oppressed by a regime that keeps the populace under control through mind-pacifying cupcakes, Rumpus realizes he can’t just walk away. With the help of a tiny bee-eater, a raucous lion sage, and a brave and impetuous griffon, Rumpus learns that imagination, music, and art may just hold the key to a brighter future.

Scribe’s unique blend of an all-ages chapter book with comic panels and full page art that moves the story forward is the result of years spent imagining this world.

Back Resound Fields on Kickstarter and be the first to get your hands on this incredible book!

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