Ian Stuart Sharpe's Comic The Jötunn War Iss 4 and Bound Volume Released

Outland Entertainment is pleased to announce the fourth issue in Ian Stuart Sharpe's The Jötunn War comic series available in digital and as part of the first bound volume of the series.

In a series of interwoven sagas, the storied heroes of mankind emerge in new and brutal guises drawn from the pages of mythology, fighting for a future stretched to breaking point by the ever-present peril of Ragnarok.

Be Warned: the meek shan’t inherit this Earth!

Ian Stuart Sharpe's Vikingverse World is an alternative reality wherein Viking culture dominates. You can explore more of the Vikingverse through two novels (The All Father Paradox and Loki's Wager), a fun phrasebook Old Norse for Modern Times, and more to come.

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