Hopeless, Maine Tombpunk RPG

Hello everybody!

We just wanted to announce the first project to utilize the Tombpunk rules!

We are pleased to present to you an absolutely fantastic setting for your gaming based on the graphic novel series Hopeless, Maine, from Tom and Nimue Brown.

Below is the mock-up for the roleplaying game!

This is the first project beyond the core book to utilize Tombpunk as a rules system and the rules are being developed by Alan Bahr himself! The rest of the book was written by Keith Healing in close collaboration with Tom and Nimue Brown. This core book will also be fully illustrated by Tom as well!

The game itself will be 5.5"x8.5," full color, and around 100 total pages long. It will be available as a digital, softcover, and a hardcover.

The game is available through the Hopeless, Maine Kickstarter here!

Thank you!

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