Hopeless, Maine Launches on Kickstarter!

Hello folks!

We just launched a Kickstarter to fund the printing of the first graphic novel in the Hopeless, Maine series, Personal Demons, from Tom and Nimue Brown!

About Hopeless, Maine...

Welcome to Hopeless, Maine.

It is a place cut off from the rest of the world and lost in time. Strange things swim in the sea surrounding the island. Things even stranger float in the air and observe the lives of the island inhabitants, who may in fact be the strangest creatures of all.

Into this setting comes Salamandra, a child who is not a child, and a user of great magic who is not a witch. (She insists on this distinction.)

In this first volume, Salamandra comes of age and finds her way through the new complexities of friendship while coming to terms with her powers and origins. For lovers of the gothic, nearly every trope is explored and turned on its head. For lovers of creatures, there are many. For those who want their magic real and complex, this is the story for you.

Don’t stroll the shoreline after dark unaccompanied and mind the tentacles!

The first volume collects The Blind Fisherman Prelude and set's the stage for the entire epic story of Hopeless, Maine.

You'll also have the opportunity to get some rare and limited edition items, such as pins, bookplates, original art, and commissions!

Coming in around 155 pages, we've not only redesigned the book, the logo, and the layout of the book, we've also updated the lettering as well. It will be available digitally if you prefer to read your comics that way.

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