Goodman Games: Maximum XCrawl Cover

Over the years, I've done a variety of work for various publishers of RPG's, spot illustration, both black and white as well as greyscale, and many full color covers. Eventually, I started moving away from all the spot illustration to doing mostly covers. And there is no other line of products out there that I have consistently completed so many covers for than Goodman Games XCrawl line of books. For that matter, I've also rarely come across any group of illustrations more challenging either! Anyway, Goodman Games just released their latest in their XCrawl line - Maximum XCrawl, which moves XCrawl over to the Pathfinder system. I completed the cover for this book earlier this year. Below is my process! In order -
  • My initial sketches.
  • The finished pencils.
  • My first pass at color - which wasn't quite bright enough. They wanted something that would really jump off the "rack."
  • So, I came up with the final, which I think ended up pretty sharp and definitely a lot brighter!
One of the things I like about XCrawl is the combination of present day with fantasy/medieval elements. You'll see the characters wearing blue jeans and sporting heavy armor. Or wearing sports pads and carrying hand axes. Or even a group of adventurers being attacked on a roller-coaster! It's just a fun mash-up of genres. I'm going to also go ahead and include many of the past XCrawl pieces I've completed over the years! I don't think I have these all in one place. Lots of fun stuff! Images two-four were colored by Tom Scholes. I'm currently working on another XCrawl cover I expect to have finished later this week. Hope you like these in the meantime! JM

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