Galefire: Out Now!

After a successful kickstarter debut, Galefire bursts through to the masses! From the mind of illustrator and author Michael Rookard, this 5e-compatible setting can be played in its war-torn setting of Talinoth, or its unique rules can be grafted onto any existing game for high-intensity giant monster fights, aethertech weaponry and airship swashbuckling action!

Galefire rpg

Prepare to be enthralled by Talinoth, a realm once shackled by eldritch oppressors, ravenous demons, and formidable elemental deities. But fear not, for a new era of relative peace has dawned upon this mystical land, teeming with fantastical creatures and enlightened cooperation among sentient beings. In the heart of this vibrant world, stand valiant and villainous personalities ready to steal, soar, and slay their way to wealth and riches beyond the dreams of those who call this monster-infested landscape home.

The Galefire Setting Guide is a full color, 8.5x11, 160-page hardcover or ebook, complete with everything you need to start playing in the daring, dangerous world of Galefire. Grab your crew, prepare a Master Chef’s meal, ready aethercannons and start journeying on the shattered skies of Talinoth at the Outland store!

- Em Palladino is an editor and game designer for Outland Entertainment, and would much prefer her ships in the sea rather than the air.

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