Dragonring Issue 01 Released

The long-awaited revival of Barry Blair’s cult classic Dragonring is here!

Kara Drake lives the life of a simple bartender, working in in a dangerous bar in Mexico.

When she is approached by a mysterious figure who offers her an even more mysterious ring, her life changes forever. Before the stranger is murdered by assassins who pursue him, he delivers one message—the ring belonged to her father.
A father she did not know.

Now the target of assassins herself, she follows a trail that will lead her to the last place her father was seen: a mysterious island in the Indian Ocean. The island is home to all manner of strange creatures.

It is also home to a mysterious society of warriors—warriors who are being slowly corrupted by a dark and powerful cult leader—the Underlord. The cult leader hopes to wage war on humanity in the name of his dark gods.

In this cosmic adventure, you’ll meet badass dark heroes, horrific monsters, and action-packed scenes all centered around events that happened years ago in the original Dragonring series. Dragonring is the second in the development of the Outland Universe where we revive many of the Aricel series to converge into one Outland Universe.

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