COVER ART REVEAL: Outland's upcoming original anthology, To Root Somewhere Beautiful

Imagine a world in which nature has lost patience with humanity. The wild is done waiting for humans to change their ways. Nature is ready to take matters into her own hands…

And she is angry.

That's the conceit behind Outland's upcoming anthology of original short stories, To Root Somewhere Beautiful: An Anthology of Reclamation, edited by Lauren T. Davila. We're pleased to show a preview of the cover, featuring gorgeous art by Chris Yarbrough!

Get ready…

The inside of an airport overtaken by greenery—some of which looks like it has humans captured within!

To find out more about the scene captured in Chris's gorgeous art, keep an eye out for more news about To Root Somewhere Beautiful, coming soon to Kickstarter!

-Alana Joli Abbott is the Editor-in-Chief of Outland Entertainment. She's read all of the stories in To Root Somewhere Beautiful and promises you are all in for a wild read.

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