Audiobook release: A Date With Death by Scott Colby

The audiobook version of the first book in Scott Colby's Deviant Magic series, A Date With Death, is now available via Audible!

When twenty-something Kevin Felton loses his job and moves back in with his mother, he assumes life can't possibly get any worse. He used to be somebody at a big time company—now he's just another nobody with no direction and nothing to do but get drunk and fantasize over the strange blue woman that lives in his dreams. 

Little does he know, there’s more to his world than he ever imagined, and he’s about to be thrown headfirst into a particularly deadly kind of fantasy. Things start to look up when Kevin stumbles into a wild romance with the woman he thought was just a dream, a water nymph with a magical and mysterious past. 

There's just one problem: his new lover left a fiancé at the altar, and that man just happens to be Death himself. In a desperate attempt to save his own life, Kevin—alongside Driff, an elven secret agent with questionable loyalties, and Ren, a longtime friend who knows more than he's letting on—befriends the reaper and must find a way to hook Death up with someone new before his own role in events comes to light.

Now that we've got the details out of the way, I'm going to drop the usual professional blog tone. Hi, it's me, Scott Colby, the author. I want to make something really clear: the narrator, Jason L. Bishop, did a freakin' amazing job here. His clear tone and deadpan delivery are the perfect fit for this little bit of contemporary fantasy weirdness. Dude had me laughing out loud at my own darn jokes like they were brand new to me. How cool is that? I could not be happier with his work and I totally owe Jason a very nice beer.
Also there are other Deviant Magic books and you should buy those too while you're waiting for the audiobook versions. Think of then as an appetizer. Like delicious mozzarella sticks in fantasy novel form.

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