APEX to Launch January 7th!

Hello everybody! We're well aware that we've had multiple announcements for the launch of APEX: The Collected Edition on Kickstarter and apologize for that. We were excited about getting the game back out there and we made announcements prematurely. To that end, I wanted to talk a bit about why we've delayed the launch several times and address some concerns that were raised. It is no mystery that Outland has had trouble with delivery of past Kickstarter projects. We recognize this and admit to having post-Kickstarter issues with getting our products in backers hands. With that in mind:
  1. We know we have a problem. And admitting you have a problem is the first step to fixing it, right? This is why we have engaged a completely external team, KickCTRL, who is handling management and delivery of our Kickstarter projects moving forward. This helps us tremendously - it let's us focus on what we're good at, the creative, and helps to ensure that each project is handled correctly and delivered in a timely manner to our backers.
  2. If you look at any of our past Kickstarter projects, you'll see that we have not abandoned any. We're still active and we're still delivering any outstanding material as quickly as we can. All projects will be delivered.
In terms of delays to the launch of this project specifically:
  • Due to the issues that were present in earlier APEX Kickstarter projects, we are being extra cautious to make sure that we absolutely do not have any of the issues that presented themselves in the past. This is extremely important to us, so we decided early on to not launch until we had everything as close to sorted out as possible.
  • We had an incredible amount of excellent feedback from backers, and we wanted to make sure that we heard and made changes to the campaign based on that feedback.
  • With that in mind, we had to re-quote not only the printing of the game several times, but we had to reach out to several different fulfillment companies to make sure that we could provide the absolute best international shipping rates possible. It took weeks to get new print and fulfillment quotes, which pushed us into the holidays.
  • Ultimately, everybody wants this to be as successful a project as possible. Making sure we have the right numbers, the best shipping, and not launching in the middle of the holidays seemed like the best possible solution to give APEX the best opportunity for success.
As it stands, we have all the feedback from backers and have made changes accordingly. We have all the numbers in. We have engaged a fulfillment company that can provide friendly international shipping. And now, we're just waiting for the holidays to wrap up. We'll be launching Tuesday, January 7th, 2020. Once again, our apologies for the delay on the launch. We'll see you in January! Thank you!

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