Althingi Anthology Contributing Author Kaitlin Felix to Expand Short Story to Novel

Outland Entertainment is pleased to announce that Kaitlin Felix, author of “Wave Runners” from the anthology collection Althingi: The Crescent & the Northern Star, will be continuing the story of Gyda the Grim in a full-length novel to be published by Outland Entertainment in 2023.

One year after the demise of Jarl Olavi's son Helgi, Gyda and Ran's Daughters are hiding in disgrace from the Jarl's vengeance. Sailing in her longship Sea-Wolf, Gyda and the Daughters make for Al-Andalus, where they believe Ragnar Goldmane waits with a hoard of silver, the life-price he promised when Gyda saved his life from Helgi's treachery. This silver could change the Daughters' fortunes and wipe Gyda's reputation clean.

Yet a new threat waits for her too. If Gyda thinks that the gods are testing her, then her trial has only just begun.

Joshua Gillingham, creator of the Althingi World and editor on the project, states, “This is a new level of depth that I think fans of the Althingi game and anthology are craving. From a simple name and pencil sketch, Kaitlin Felix has created a dynamic heroine who defies both modern and historical expectations at every turn. I can’t wait to see where
Kaitlin Felix takes the narrative—I am certain it will be a thrilling ride!”

Felix has been published in multiple anthologies of short fiction and has had her short story "The Seeing Trees" adapted as an audio drama. She has a keen interest in Vikings, particularly the Norse history of the British Isles. In fact, one of the facets of Norse history that she is hoping to explore in this novel is the impact the Vikings had on Ireland.

Felix’s novel is slated for release in Spring 2023 and will expand the Althingi world beyond the card game Althingi: One Will Rise and the anthology Althingi: The Crescent & the Northern Star. To stay updated on this exciting new project from Outland Entertainment, subscribe to the Outland newsletter below and join Felix’s mailing list.

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