The Knights Eternal Book Two: Vowbreaker


Vowbreaker: The Knights Eternal Book One
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The second book in the Knights Eternal series, it narrates three seemingly parallel stories (two iniciatic journeys and a twisted fairy tale) that are actually intertwined. As usual, the book is full of surprises and plot twists that keep the reader hooked to the story. Awesome.
Soultaker: The Knights Eternal Book One
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Duperre manages to perfectly blend the wild west style of storytelling with the science fiction backdrop.
R. Nicholson
R. Nicholson
Soultaker: The Knights Eternal Book One
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Make no mistake about it, Robert Duperre is an accomplished author, writer and weaver of spellbinding fantasy and quasi horror related tales. I've read most of his offerings and have found all of them of the highest quality... this latest effort is no exception.

Book Info

Author: Robert J. Duperre
Editor: Alana Joli Abbott
Cover Illustrator: Tomasz Chistowski
Cover Design: Shawn T. King
Interior Design: Mikael Brodu
Formats Available: Trade Paperback · PDF/Epub/Mobi · Audio
Edition: First

about the book

The victory over the Soultaker fractured the Knights Eternal.

Shade has broken his vows, abandoning his brothers to trek over the northern mountains in search of a god. Instead, he finds Darkenwood, a sprawling hamlet in an isolated valley, populated with strange creatures trapped in an endless cycle of oppression. His desire to free them from their shackles sends him on another journey, one that will test his faith in humanity.

Meanwhile, Meesh is stuck trying to acclimate the strange new Abednego to the violent world of the Wasteland. It’s a task he isn’t prepared to do on his own. To make matters worse, a new riddle from Old Crone tells him that they have to find Shade… and kill him.

Three brothers on a collision course with fate. But is man’s fate shaped by outside forces, or their own free will? That’s the question they need to answer, even if the truth shatters the very foundation of their existence.

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