Rogues: A Blackguards RPG

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game Info

Game Designer: Alan Bahr
Writer: Alana Joli Abbott
Editor: Alana Joli Abbott
Cover Illustration: Daniel Rempel
Interior Illustrations:
Nicolas R. Giacondino
Logo Design: Shawn King
Graphic Design:
Jeremy D. Mohler
Formats Available: Print & PDF
Edition: First

about the game

The world is a mess. A blackguard just needs to game the system.

Whether it’s outrunning the city guard, pilfering a wizard’s tower, or running the long con on a dastardly noble, these mission hooks invite players to navigate the world on the other side of the law, whether for noble purposes or to weigh their own purses. Using the Tombpunk engine, a high-octane, high-action system with a rules-light approach, the Blackguards RPG encourages foul play.

Go ahead.

We won’t tell.

But we can’t guarantee the same for your party members. In this game, there’s no honor among blackguards.

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