Redeemers Issue 01

Book Info

Creators: HJ Whapeles, Shannon Potratz, Andy Owens
HJ Whapeles
Editor: Alana Joli Abbott
Cover & Interior Illustrator: Shannon Potratz
Inks: Andy Owens
Colors: Paul Little
Letters: Shannon Potratz
Interior Design: Jeremy D. Mohler
Formats Available: Floppy · PDF
Edition: First

about the book

THE REDEEMERS is a western adventure/horror story that takes place in 1885 America, the beginning of the end of the Wild West. Based in a supernatural world of demons, fallen angels and forgotten gods, The Redeemers mixes action, humor and magic into pulpy adventure of a bygone era.

Will and Owen are best friends who have inherited a dark legacy, fighting horrific beasts and unimaginable terrors. But even they are unaware of the sinister forces conspiring to bring about the ultimate cataclysm. Caught on the battlefields between Heaven and Hell, they may be all that stands in the way of the End of Days…