Pocket Odyssey

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Creator & Game Designer: Anthony Sato
Illustrator and Graphic Design: Anthony Sato & Xavier Saulter
Editor: Amy Gralewski
Playtesting: Nathan Sato, Joseph Sato, Luke Sato, Mike Hernandez, Ashley Carey, Kevin Hudson, Andrew Kelley, Travis Tuttle, Austin WieBerg, Brandon Campbell, Manny Arroyo, Nick Russell, Chris Olson, Brandon White, Cody Erb, Keith Neemann, Bryan DeJong, & Kyla DeJong
Special Thanks: Anna Sato, Nicole Sato, & Herschel Hoffmeyer

Formats Available: Print
Edition: First

about the game

In Pocket Odyssey players assume the roles of legendary heroes embarking on epic quests, defeating monsters, finding loot and pretty much anything the players mind can imagine.

One of the players is chosen at the beginning of the game to be “the storyteller”, they use innovative quest building cards to help them create a quest for the other players on the fly. Each of the other players assume the role of a single hero, they get to create who that hero is and then how that hero interacts in the storytellers world.

Pocket Odyssey is designed to be portable, the first micro RPG ever, measuring 1in. thick, 3.5in. tall and 5.5in. wide, this game will quite literally fit in your pocket.

Pocket Odyssey has been designed for board game players of all backgrounds to pick up and play. Ever been curious about what a role playing game is, but were too intimidated by all the rules? Maybe you have played role playing games before, but don’t have the time to commit to a huge campaign anymore. Just want an engaging and fun fantasy game? Pocket Odyssey is what you have been waiting for.


  • 2-4 players (5-6 w/ expansion)
  • 90-120 minutes play time
  • A tabletop RPG hybrid! No pen or paper needed!
  • Innovative “on the spot” quest creation method allows for anyone to play as the Game Master. No prep needed!
  • Focused rules keep the game moving quickly and bring the most fun parts of traditional RPG’s into the limelight!

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