Negocios Infernales

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game Info

Creators & Game Designers: CSE Cooney & Carlos Hernandez
Writers: CSE Cooney & Carlos Hernandez
Editor: Alana Joli Abbott
Cover & Game Illustrations: Rebecca Huston
Logo Design: Rebecca Huston
Graphic Design:
Jeremy D. Mohler
Formats Available: Print
Edition: First

about the game

Negocios Infernales, or Infernal Negotiations, is a game that centers around the “Deck of Destiny” (“La Baraja del Destino”), a custom deck of 70 cards which features gorgeous artwork by Rebecca Huston.
Much like a fortune teller reads cards to portend futures dire and blissful, the players interpret the cards they draw to determine their magos’ successes, failures, and fates. Together, the magos quest on behalf of Reina Resoluta to save Espada—or, depending on the luck of the deck, just to save their own skins.
Players in the game are magos who think they have sold their souls to the aliens in exchange for powers. In reality, they are auditioning for the privilege of joining the “cosmic consciousness” of the aliens, thereby beginning humanity’s next evolution.
In addition to collaborative role play, the cards can be used as a deck of story prompts or inspirations for writers, visual artists, and creatives of all varieties.