N0.1R Book One

Book Info

Creator and & Illustrator: Nicolas R. Giacondino
Writer: Scott Colby
Colors: Andy Poole
Letters: Ed Dukeshire
Book Design: Jeremy D. Mohler
Formats Available:
Hardcover · PDF
Edition: First

about the book

Isabella Ironhide is being stalked by an enormous robotic behemoth.

When the police don’t believe her claims, she turns to the one man in the city who might be able to help her: Detective Hammer, a disgraced former officer turned private investigator. When the behemoth attacks Hammer’s office, the detective has no choice but to believe his client’s story. Together they embark on an investigation that brings the future of their entire city into question.Set in a world where robots have replaced humanity, where organic life is stigmatized, and where all citizens are backed up to the omniscient G.0D supercomputer daily, N0.1R puts an existentialist spin on traditional tales of private investigators and femme fatales.