Kaiju Rising II: Reign of Monsters


Kaiju Rising II: Reign of Monsters
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I love Kaiju and I picked this one up because a friend recommended it. After reading this collection I'm going to be checking out other anthologies by Outland.
Painless Wolf
Painless Wolf
Kaiju Rising II: Reign of Monsters
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More outsized stories about my favorite type of outsized creatures. What's not to like? Pick up a copy and enjoy for yourself.

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Editors: Alana Joli Abbott & N.X. Sharps
Forword: Robert Hood
Authors: Cullen Bunn, Dan Wells, Guadalupe Garcia McCall, Jeremy Robinson, Jonathan Green, Kane Gilmour, Lee Murray, M.L. Brennan, Mari Murdock, Marie Brennan, Melanie R. Meadors, Nick Cole, Sabrina Vourvoulias, Seanan McGuire, Steve Diamond, & Zin E. Rocklyn
Formats Available: Trade Paperback · PDF/Epub/Mobi · Audio
Edition: First

about the book

We are surrounded.

A wealthy man hunts the kaiju that killed his daughter on an island inhabited by mega-fauna.

They are everywhere.

By the light of a campfire a young girl shares the true story of the epic brawl that caused Hurricane Irene.

There is no escape.

Sabotage turns an international science competition into a monster and mecha massacre.

They Reign.

From deep ocean trenches and dense vibrant jungles to alien worlds and other dimensions, the kaiju have returned! Kaiju Rising II: Reign of Monsters is a collection of genre-spanning sixteen stories by some of the hottest names in speculative fiction. These modern myths celebrate and explore the Japanese film genre popularized by films such as Godzilla, Gamera: The Giant Monster, King Kong, Cloverfield, and Pacific Rim.

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