K-State University: Megaburgerz & The E.Coli Outlaws

project Info

In mid 2017, we were hired by the K-State University science department to help develop a graphic novel that would help to make a very dry topic, e.coli, more interesting to grade school students. It was an interesting challenge! How do you make something like e.coli interesting?

I met with the department heads and we spent quite a bit of time hashing out some ideas about how to present e.coli and spin a story around it that kids might find interesting.

I recruited CW Cooke to write and script the final story. Ger Curti to illustrate it with Andy Poole handling colors. Ed Dukeshire handled letters. Jeremy Mohler managed, art directed, and did the graphic design work on the project.

In total, this was a three issue series, 60 total pages plus three covers. We handled all the creative on it!

Check out the first issue below!

comic Samples