Hollow Harbor: Earth AM

project Info

Some years ago at one of the various conventions Outland attended, we met the guys at Hollow Harbor (Josh Barbeau and Josh Sellers). At the time, they were pushing a fantasy book they were publishing called Tyrants. It caught my eye and we struck up a conversation about comics, fantasy, and conventions. Over the next couple years, we would often run into each other and say hello at the conventions we were both attending.

Which eventually lead to them hiring Outland to manage their next comic project, a scifi epic called Earth A.M. After some back and forth, we landed on having long time Outland artists, Alan Gallo and Paul Little, illustrate the book, along with our go-to letterer, Ed Dukeshire. Jeremy Mohler handled the graphic design. As you can see, the results were stunning.

Check out the first ten pages of the book!

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