Goodman Games: 5th Edition Fantasy

project Info

Mid-year last year, one of my personal long term clients, Goodman Games, approached Outland about doing some work on a new series of adventures they were developing based on the new 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons.

This was a unique opportunity because we were not only handling the illustration for the book, but we also handled all the cartography, the cover design, and the interior page design. We pretty much handled the whole package with the exception of the cover art and the interior layout.

I like these kind of jobs a lot – I love repeat clients. I know what to expect from them and they know what to expect from me, so there’s generally a lot more trust and things just move a lot more smoothly. Secondly, I love it when we get to do the majority of the work for a book – I feel like the result is more cohesive and unified when there’s a dedicated team to handle the job. It’s not quite so piecemeal.

Below are some of the illustrations we’ve completed so far for the series (illustrations by Aaron Palsmeier, Shannon Potratz, Tom Floyd, Alan Gallo, and Pedro Figue) –

illustration samples