Gallant Knight Games: For Coin & Blood

project Info

Our good friends over at Gallant Knight Games, Alan and Erin Bahr, hired us last year to help develop the cover and interior artwork for their full game, For Coin and Blood. We tapped Ger Curti for some strong, grim, black and white artwork, with Jeremy Mohler on cover duties!

A little about the game…

FOR COIN & BLOOD is a classically inspired d20 fantasy roleplaying game with a twist…

…a twist of the knife!

Embracing the literary genre known as “grimdark”, and inspired by stories of mercenaries, sellswords and blackguards, FOR COIN & BLOOD keeps you on your toes, as you tell stories about the terrible things that happen to people, when they head out in search of coin, passion, and revenge…

illustration samples