Galefire Preview Issue 00

Book Info

Creator: Michael Rookard
Michael Rookard
Cover Illustrator: Michael Rookard
Illustrator: Michael Rookard
Logo Design: Michael Rookard
Interior Design: Jeremy D. Mohler
Formats Available: Floppy · PDF
Edition: First

about the book

The story thus far…

Talinoth, a magical world once ruled by tentacled Enslavers, cruel Demons, and elemental Archons, is now at relative peace – besides the monsters of course. A renaissance, even, as the sentient species work together for a better future.  Bounties are plentiful for our heroes, the Crimson Corsairs, their vault full of gilt and Golden Era loot (supposedly), as they set off once again loaded with contracts.  Their first job of the day: investigate and secure an ancient derelict Mana Siphon in the process of being restored by the Mages Guild that’s now gone silent…

What cruel terrors await within the shadows of the Siphon?!… or perhaps they simply need to turn it off and then back on again.