Galefire 5E Roleplaying

Book Info

Creator: Michael Rookard
Michael Rookard
Game Designer: Anton Kromoff
Cover Illustrator: Michael Rookard
Illustrator: Michael Rookard
Logo Design: Michael Rookard
Interior Design: Jeremy D. Mohler
Formats Available: Hardcover · PDF
Edition: First

about the book

In the belly of an airship high above a swirling battlefield of Demons and Enslavers, a band of Slayers prepares to strike at their monstrous leaders.  If successful, the warriors of the nearby citadel will have little problem mopping up the feral beasts– if not, the nearby towns will be crushed beneath a wave of tooth and claw.

Deep within an ancient Osidian foundry, a group of adventurers comes upon a Golden Era airship somehow still operational.  But to make the necessary repairs, their engineer needs time, and that time must be paid for by the black blood of the shambling undead beasts that have relentlessly pursued them across the Deadlands.

On the lowest levels of the Celestial City, a derelict built eons ago by the Demonic Overlords, a group of tekborn warriors and sorcerers hunt for forgotten relics.  A bulkhead door meters thick screeches open to an antechamber sealed for centuries… and within is a swirling vortex.  Not even their screams can escape its voracious pull.
Welcome to the world of Galefire: swashbuckling, stylish adventure on the open skies of magic!Galefire is set on Talinoth, a Crux world of massive continents orbiting a Galefire core upon cosmic ley lines of power. Once it was ruled by tentacled Enslavers, cruel Demons, and elemental Archons; luckily for the sentient species they hated each other more than them.  Now the world is at relative peace – well, besides the monsters of course. A renaissance, even, as the various sentients work together for a better future.

But after a devastating Galefire eruption within the Abyss, the world seems more untamed than ever… Crystalline Galefire rains down, mutating beasts into more powerful and hungry variants, while in the sky it creates devastating Galefire Storms that can rip apart an airship, or transport it to another dimension.  The Demons and Enslavers, long thought vanquished, now war again in the Abyss over the epicenter of the eruption.  Within the Deadlands, the ghosts of the Osidian Imperium rise again, literally.  Powerful Osidian Liches raise undead armies with the help of the Galefire crystals, intent on retaking what was theirs… the whole world.

Not to mention the fact that a single piece of Crystalline Galefire can power an airship, or city, for ages, or perhaps an ancient mechanized construct of war.  Every nation-state, pirate, privateer, and freelancer are hunting for Galefire, and it’s everywhere… surrounded by hungry guardians.

Scholars called the Galefire eruption a cosmic flare, but who, or what, was it signaling?  Are eyes powerful enough to look across the cosmos now upon Talinoth?