Cupcake Dragon: The Game

game Info

Creators & Game Designers: D.W. & Andrew Vogel
Aaron Palsmeier
Graphic Design: Angie Bayman & Michelle Dreher
Formats Available: Print
Edition: First

about the game

In this family-friendly card game, players draw and play cards, following each of four animal suits, and putting a coin in the pot with each play. When a cupcake is played that player takes the pot of coins and starts a new one. At the end of each round, the dragon comes to the village of the player with the most cards, and eats a card, making that player play the next round with one fewer card in hand. Whoever wins the dragon at the end of the third round, wins the game!

it’s uno-level strategy. You follow suit if possible, can play a cupcake (take the pot) anytime. Most animal cards have a special instruction (take a coin from the player on your left), and there are swap-suit cards that change the suit during a round. 2-6 players