Canadian War Museum: Deadly Skies

project Info

In mid 2015 we received an invitation to make a proposal for a rather large graphic novel project for the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa, Canada. The project was to focus on air war during the first world war and would involve the creation of around eighty pages of comics and would require that we integrate actual artifacts from the first world war into pages.

It sounded like a lot of fun and being a bit of a history buff, definitely something I was interested in pursuing. Part of the process was creating around four pages of artwork as part of the proposal in an effort to get the gig. I tapped Lee Oaks and these are the pages we put together for the proposal.

Proposal Samples

And as luck would have it, we won the proposal! The work involved a ton of coordination with the Canadian War Museum (CWM) team, their designers, myself, and the Outland team of artists. We spent about six months hip deep in WWI material, researching, referencing, and illustrating everything.

As the art director on the project, I worked closely with the CWM team to layout all the stories, which I then turned over to Lee Oaks, Cesar Sebastian Diaz, and Andy Poole to illustrate. Layouts below –


When all was said and done, we illustrated ten separate stories about ten different, but significant, aviators during the first world war. Below are three of the ten stories we did.

Below are some images from the actual exhibit!

final exhibit images