Aegisteel Issue 00

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Authors: Mat Nastos
Editor: Alana Joli Abbott
Cover Illustrator: Alan Gallo & Jeremy D. Mohler
Pencils & Inks: Alan Gallo
Colors: Jeremy D. Mohler
Letters: Ed Dukeshire
Logo Design: Edward Lavallee
Interior Design: Jeremy D. Mohler
Formats Available: PDF
Edition: First

about the book

AEGISTEEL is a spellpunk adventure set in the world of the Aegisteel Empire, a society of steel and magic built on the backs of its soldiers and terrible war machines. Think of it as DIRTY DOZEN meets SMOKING ACES set in a war-torn SPELLPUNK world.

When the Theln Empire captures the ancient Aegisteel forges at Nelvynnal, veteran marksman Broderick Longbarrel is released from Blackgate Prison and given one last chance for redemption. Tasked with infiltrating the ancient and impenetrable

fortress, Longbarrel and five former death row inmates must succeed before the Theln can begin production of the giant war-golems that could shift the balance of the war.

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