Warlock 5 Omnibus NOW on KICKSTARTER

Warlock 5 Omnibus NOW on KICKSTARTER

Hello folks!

Just a quick note to those that might be interested – we just launched a Kickstarter to fund the printing of the original WARLOCK 5 from Den Beauvais and Gordon Derry.

It’s a collected edition that includes the full run from the 1980’s – issues one through thirteen and ALSO includes two previously unreleased issues, fourteen and fifteen! These two completed issues were never released and this will be the first time they have ever been seen!

Clocking in around 380 pages, nearly all the artwork is scanned from the original art and is absolutely gorgeous! The book will be a hardcover printed on premium paper to showcase Den’s gorgeous artwork. It will also be available digitally as well, if you prefer to read your comics that way.

You can check out the campaign HERE!

Thank you!


Thank you so much for doing this! I was buying (and selling!) the original run of this book as it was coming out, it’s so nice to see it back. I even met D.B. at one of the Portland conventions pre-Aliens. 🙂 Thanks for signing my books! I still have them!

One question, the digital files were just emailed to me and I’m a little bummed that the amazing color covers are in black and white. I get that producing color plates through a printed book is a tough ask, but can we get color versions of the covers for the digital files?

Was super excited about this book, and then I received it and the covers are in Black and WHite inside the Warlock 5 HC…….LMAOOOOO! The color covers were 1 part of what made this series amazing…but then the second book I got was in full color……….So disappointed…..

Sorry to disappoint, Chris. Adding in color plates would have significantly increased the cost to print the book and the focus was on retouching all the original artwork and adding in the two unpublished issues. I will be adding the color covers to the PDF and I can send you a copy of that when I get it wrapped up.

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