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Jeremy Mohler, Creative Director for Outland Entertainment, is first and foremost an artist. As a publisher working with artists to hit a deadline, though, he’s been on the other side, too. Here he offers some insight into how fellow artists can improve their art…and the business of being an artist.

Regardless of how you’ve published–self, with an indie publisher, or with a large publishing house–you need to use your online network of influence to promote your publication, your name, and your brand. But sometimes promoting your own creation.. and yourself… can be daunting, especially for artists who specialize in being artists and not in marketing and sales.

The question of personal art “style” is one that seems to come up really often for artists. Especially if you

This is a loaded question in the comics and game community (and while I’m speaking directly to that community, I

So you are looking for some good forums to post your work in to get feedback or critiques?  I might

I come across many up-and-coming artists and students who are worried about posting their work online. They’re afraid that somebody

You want your work to be associated with you. Your name is your brand.

Lately I’ve heard a lot of people talking about how art school is a waste of money and time. I

Welcome to the first article in a series of topics on Professional Practice! Being a successful freelance artist isn’t easy,