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Cover of Adelita 3017

Outland Entertainment is pleased to announce that we’ve acquired a new, action-packed, post-apocalyptic, Mad Max style comic by Ariel Medel: Adelita: 3017.

Outland Entertainment is pleased to announce that we’ve acquired a new coffee table art book by Kennon James – The

A young woman, wearing an expensive pink dress from the 1700s, carrying a rapier

Outland is pleased to announce that La Maupin, the second in Stratford’s series, is hitting bookshelves today! In La Maupin, the second installment in Stratford’s series, the star is a Julie d’Aubigny, whose scandalous life was legendary, even while she was still alive.

We’ve all got those “gentle giants” in our lives, and now Outland has its own! But Shannon Potratz isn’t just

When The Wolf Comes is a game of storytelling, heroism, and epic struggle set during a reimagined Norse End of Days. A complete stand alone roleplaying game, the When The Wolf Comes Compendium provides everything you need to create and play characters, form warbands in pursuit of fame and plunder, and tell sci-fi sagas with your friends.

An older woman, wearing a hoodie and jeans, her dark hear with gray streaks pulled up in a bun, carries a blade in one hand and a rifle over her shoulder. Angry wolves fill the shadows of the woods behind her.

This newest anthology from Outland Entertainment, Never Too Old to Save the World, has just launched on Kickstarter!

Outland is pleased to announce the acquisition of two anthologies from Pushcart nominated Latina writer Lauren Davila. As an editor, Davila has brought together two diverse groups of authors, both established and newly discovered, to explore the eerie and unsettling.

New table-top RPG utilizes Robert J. Schwalb’s Shadow of the Demon Lord rules and is based on Ian Sharpe’s popular Vikingverse books and comics

For ninety years, the planet Ert exists in never-setting sunlight. Then, darkness falls and lasts for ten years. The creatures

In 1995, humans thought they were alone in the universe. That same year, the Efilu returned to Earth, their home