When matilda’s brother nathaniel dies, she’s convinced it’s murder, and she won’t be satisfied until she brings his killer to justice.

But her family is still reeling from old wounds. Her mother’s death weighs heavily, and her father’s decision to abandon his family and join the Fenians—rebels against the English rule of Canada—has brought them nothing but shame. Matilda’s siblings want her to let their brother go, and the man she thinks she might love, once her brother’s best friend, wants her to look to the future.

Unwilling to let go, either of her brother or their family farm, Matilda searches out clues that will support her case against the neighbor who hates them. When she saves the life of the one person who might have answers, he won’t say a word to her—because he believes he’s a wolf.
As she tries to bring back his humanity and her attachment to him grows, she realizes that there is more at work than a common murder or a rebellion. Nathaniel was working with strange powers, and in order to find the truth, Matilda mayhave to master them…or lose everything.
Set in western Canada during the 1880s, The Wolf’s Name is a tale of the perils of revenge—and the dangers of magic.

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