Hopeless, Maine: New England Gothic PDF/MOBI/EPUB


The Hopeless, Maine project  came to life as the collective dream/nightmare of Tom and Nimue Brown.

It began as a graphic novel series set on a gothic island lost in time. Since then the creative family has grown and there are many  who have come to play on this strange island and now will never leave.

New England Gothic
“The moon hadn’t risen, but starlight showed Annamarie the way. She saw well enough, and the island by night held no terrors for her. She had been running away to its wilder places for as long as she could remember…”

New England Gothic is the story of Annmarie Nightshade, an orphan who becomes a witch on the island of Hopeless, Maine. There are betrayals, heartbreak and many dangers to overcome but there are also wonders, near escapes and strange journeys. You will meet dark sorcerers, a mad inventor in a lighthouse and the strangest familiar in the history of witchcraft.

The Oddatsea
“But then, seconds later, there was an ominous grinding noise. And Jason was no longer sure that the armoured iron would be enough. Should he try to swim to shore? How deep was he? Would he survive the swim to the surface? He could feel the island calling to him.”

Sea monsters, mysteries, a quest, danger and strange-goings-on in an English mansion – don’t miss this thrilling tale!

The Oddatsea is a set of four short stories that tell the tale of a Victorian adventuress; Lady Alison Pettigrew, who sets out in her steam-powered submarine to investigate the rumours around a mysterious island. Will she survive the perilous voyage? What befalls her? What does her dashing nephew Jason do? And how will it all end?

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