Gnome Saga Book 3: Cogweaver Trade Paperback


Who will perish when gods and goddesses play their destructive games? The shadow has been lifted, revealing an insidious enemy, and now Hightower’s gnomish army rides out to meet the threat; yet, before he can join his brethren in the fight, wizard-turned-necromancer, Nikselpik Nur, must purge his archenemy, Raulnock, from the guts of Hightower’s sewers. Will Nik survive a final showdown with the most powerful wizard in Hightower’s history? Elsewhere, Nik’s sister, Niksabella, must perfect her recursive mirror in order to command a race of stonekin warriors — who may eventually betray her — even as she struggles against an unyielding goddess for control of her own body and mind. Will Nika and her newfound army join the battle in time to save her city and blunt the deadly incursion into Sullenor? Only through a master tinkerer’s determination and skill can she overcome the odds and become the Cogweaver.

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