Emergence Anthology Trade Paperback


Compiled and edited by award-winning editor J.M. Martin (Blackguards), Emergence (Humanity 2.0, #1) features nine shared universe tales of super-powered fiction. Inside are the works of:

• Edward M. Erdelac
• C.T. Phipps
• Eloise J. Knapp
• Rob J. Hayes
• Steve Diamond
• Jeff C. Carter
• Geoff Brown as G.N. Braun
• Tim Marquitz

In this open-ended series, an ancient trigger gene buried deep in humankind’s DNA is sporadically activating, evolving some humans into something superhuman. Influenced by comic-book culture, many of these ‘chimerics,’ as they have been dubbed, have taken on costumes and adopted codenames. Organizations have risen up to either train, exploit, or police chimerics, and the world is at odds about their very existence.

Emergence collects nine tales, each with a unique perspective on what it means to be superhuman in today’s day and age of government surveillance and control.

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