Dead West Omnibus Trade Paperback


DEAD WEST takes elements of Deadwood, The Walking Dead, and Hell on Wheels, puts it all in a big cask of TNT, then watches it go BOOM!

Collecting Those Poor, Poor Bastards and The Ten Thousand Things in a spectacular omnibus edition, this is 420+ pages of Weird Western, Supernatural, Lovecraftian horror, with “strong female characters!”

The DEAD WEST OMNIBUS (vol. 1) puts half-Shoshone Nina Weaver, her grizzled father Lincoln, and a motley crew of survivors and ne’er-do-wells through a gauntlet of undead hordes and demonic forces from ‘deaduns’ to giant, flying creatures, to hellish steam engines, to actual murders of devil-crows. The Dead West series has it all. Guns, explosives, bloodletting, necromancy, expletives, faith-magic, gore, betrayal, more expletives, lots of true grit and high emotion!

Brought to you in a collaborative storyhouse style by the team of Tim Marquitz, J.M. Martin, and Kenny Soward.

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