A spaceship’s nothing without her crew.

In the vastness of space, there’s room for all types of adventures. Scientists seek to solve the mysteries of the universe. Explorers look for lost alien civilizations or new worlds to support life. Planet builders and planet smugglers create life and steal worlds. And some human spacefarers navigate with the help (or hindrance) of feline or feathered companions. The universe contains infinite possibilities—but while space is limitless, it’s the people who travel it that make their adventures worth reading. And many of the decisions they make happen on the bridge of a spaceship.

On these pages, you will meet:

Revolutionaries struggling toward a better life.
AI who take matters into their own, robotic hands.
Cats and their crews (including those who clean the litterboxes).
Voyagers seeking lost homeworlds or new worlds where they can begin again.
New crews learning to work together.
Astronauts facing their last moments in the vastness of space.
And more.

A ship is only as good as her crew. These are their stories.

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