A Sword in The Sun PDF/MOBI/EPUB


Calendula Isadora (Callie to her friends) is a powerful witch who may be in over her head…

Callie’s pregnancy was a surprise to everyone in her community—witches aren’t supposed to get pregnant unless it’s on purpose. But Callie’s pregnancy has an even bigger secret, and the information she now possesses could change the future of witchkind, if it weren’t being held hostage by Callie’s once-respected mentor. He believes he’s serving the good of all witchkind, but as Callie begins digging deeper into her mentor’s secrets, she learns she may have to go all the way to the Old Country to uncover the mysteries he’s trying to hide.

But first, she has to have the baby, search for a missing witchlet, manage her relationship with a handsome warlock who wants to marry her, and continue to hunt for answers about the death of her best friend. It’s a lot for one witch, her feline familiar, and one very unique golem to handle!

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