The Santa Myth…

...And Why Pit Such a Cheery Legend Against the Horror of Zombies? by John Mayer Although this very question sounds paradoxical, the horror genre has always been at its best when it injects the shocking, the gruesome, the profane, the unknown, the ugly with the...

Storytime with Ian: Who are the Jötnar?

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth”. See, that’s where the Christianity has it all wrong. All good Vikings knew the real story of how it all really began. The same way it will all end. With giants. Ginnungagap was the great emptiness before...

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Planet Comicon 2019 Booth #1925

Hello folks! As we do every year, we'll be out at our hometown show, Planet Comicon. We'll have a variety of books, games, comics, and artwork on the table for you to check out! We'll be at booth #1925. This year, special guest Chris Yarbrough will be joining us for...


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: Gwendolyn Nix NEW VIKINGVERSE GRAPHIC NOVEL, THE JÖTUNN WAR, LAUNCHES ON KICKSTARTER The first of a four-issue graphic novel brings Norse history to life this March TOPEKA, KANSAS (March 22, 2019)—...

Reclaiming Norse Mythology from the Nazis by Ian Stuart Sharpe

It is one of the most iconic scenes in modern cinematic history:  Indiana Jones is in a desperate race against the Nazis, a lone hero battling against the entire German war machine to prevent an ancient artefact of immense power from falling into the wrong hands. Of...

Interview with Ian Stuart Sharpe, Author of The All Father Paradox!

Q: What made you write The All Father Paradox? Ian Stuart Sharpe: I think it was preordained. Not in a crazy way, you understand. You just learn to spot the signs, to realize that something is off-kilter. For example, in the year 793AD, according to the Anglo-Saxon...

THE ALL FATHER PARADOX Releases in October!

THE ALL FATHER PARADOX by Ian Stuart Sharpe Coming in October! What if an ancient god escaped his fate…and history was thrown to the wolves? Churchwarden Michaels thought it was just a run-of-the-mill crazy old man who stood in the graveyard, hellbent on studying...

HATH NO FURY Has Hit the Shelves and E-Readers!

Mother. Warrior. Caregiver. Wife. Lover. Survivor. Trickster. Heroine. Leader.   This anthology features 21 stories and six essays about women who defy genre stereotypes. Here, it’s not the hero who acts while the heroine waits to be rescued; Hath No Fury’s...
The Oldest Road

The Oldest Road

I met Josh Brecke last year at Planet Comicon 2017. He had a project he wanted to develop into a comic series which sounded really excellent. So I pitched Outland possibly handling the creative on the project and he went for it.

Created and written by Josh Brecke, The Oldest Road road is illustrated by David Newbold, with Andy Poole on colors, Ed Dukeshire on letters, and Jeremy Mohler doing the graphic design.

It is a 36 page full color comic. We handled all the creative duties on the project!

Check out the first 10 pages below!

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MPMG: Santa VS Zombies

MPMG: Santa VS Zombies

One of our main clients, Moving Pictures Media Group (MPMG), occasionally brings us graphic novel projects that their clients wants to develop based on a screenplay for a film they have in development. That’s how we we brought in to develop the graphic novel for Santa VS Zombies.

Created by Koji Sakai, Santa VS Zombies began life as a screenplay for a project he wanted to bring to life. I brought in CW Cooke to help convert his screenplay to a comic script, and Cesar Sebastian Diaz to illustrate the book, along with Andy Poole on colors, Ed Dukeshire on letters, and Jeremy Mohler doing the graphic design.

It is a 60 page full color graphic novel. We handled all the creative duties on the project!

Check out the first 20 pages below!

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Hollow Harbor: Earth AM

Hollow Harbor: Earth AM

Some years ago at one of the various conventions Outland attended, we met the guys at Hollow Harbor (Josh Barbeau and Josh Sellers). At the time, they were pushing a fantasy book they were publishing called Tyrants. It caught my eye and we struck up a conversation about comics, fantasy, and conventions. Over the next couple years, we would often run into each other and say hello at the conventions we were both attending.

Which eventually lead to them hiring Outland to manage their next comic project, a scifi epic called Earth A.M. After some back and forth, we landed on having long time Outland artists, Alan Gallo and Paul Little, illustrate the book, along with our go-to letterer, Ed Dukeshire. As you can see, the results were stunning.

Check out the first ten pages of the book!

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KSU: Megaburgerz & the E.Coli Outlaws

KSU: Megaburgerz & the E.Coli Outlaws

In mid 2017, we were hired by the K-State University science department to help develop a graphic novel that would help to make a very dry topic, e.coli, more interesting to grade school students. It was an interesting challenge! How do you make something like e.coli interesting?

I met with the department heads and we spent quite a bit of time hashing out some ideas about how to present e.coli and spin a story around it that kids might find interesting.

I recruited CW Cooke to write and script the final story. Ger Curti to illustrate it with Andy Poole handling colors. Ed Dukeshire handled letters. Jeremy Mohler managed, art directed, and did the graphic design work on the project.

In total, this was a three issue series, 60 total pages plus three covers. We handled all the creative on it!

Check out the first issue below!

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Dark & Day: Soldiers & Knights

Dark & Day: Soldiers & Knights

So last October, I came across an ad looking for an art team for a new comic project called Dark & Day: Soldiers & Knights. Little did I know when I reached out just what a really cool project this was.

Here’s the basic premise –

A distant future Earth is now split into permanent Ends of night and day. The night/Dark is a culture of machines, technology, soldiers and logical science (science fiction style). The Day is a culture of magic, mythical creatures, knights and belief in wonder (fantasy style). Both sides fear the other and want to protect their people and their way of life.

Jake Grey, the creator, and I started talking and he began to share some of the concept art for the project he’d already developed and scope of the world started to come into focus. I was really floored. If I hadn’t been sold on the premise alone, seeing it brought to life and getting a sense of where Jake wanted to take the project really brought it all home. I knew that this had to be an Outland project.

After some discussion, we settled on Nicolas Giacondino to handle the pencils and inks, and Pedro Figue to take on the color work. We started with a couple test pieces, below –

We were all pretty happy with how the test pieces turned out, so we also brought in Ed Dukeshire to work on the letters. And with that, we had our team. Below is the cover as well as art for the first eight pages of the book.

Jake and I have gone back and forth a lot with this, making sure the art and timeline all works with this project. It’s been a real pleasure together! And expect more updates on this very soon.

For more info on the project, you can check out these sites –


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Amazon Studios: Codex

Amazon Studios: Codex

To say that we’ve been busy this last year is an understatement. We’ve been very fortunate to have a number of different projects come to us that have kept us pretty busy.

One of the more challenging, as well as more fun, is some work for Amazon Studios, which is the production side of Amazon. One of the things they are doing differently than other film production companies or movie studios is that they are doing a lot of visual development work up front. This is to help work out story kinks, test out movie and story ideas with the users at Amazon Studios and focus groups.

We were tasked with creating some short-form, broad-stroke storyboards, called “miniboards.” These basically illustrate the main beats of the story visually so it’s easier for test audiences to digest the story, instead of reading the script.

Codex is the first of three different projects we’re currently working with Amazon to develop visually. The story is a cool little mix of mystery, archaeology, action, and Nazi’s. It has the potential to be pretty fun.

About Codex
A graduate student attempts to unlock the secrets encoded within the oldest manuscript of the Old Testament and finds himself on the run from a dangerous society determined to use the secret for their own purposes.

For this project, we tapped Michael Hamlett to illustrate the boards, while I (Jeremy Mohler) handled the lettering. Mike did an outstanding job over quite a few different panels and I would strongly suggest you head over and give the story a read.


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Inhabit Media: Sexual Health

Inhabit Media: Sexual Health

Inhabit Media is one of the longest running clients we have. I believe I started working with them way back in 2006 and we’ve done work for them on a yearly basis ever since. I absolutely adore working with them and the Inuit folklore we often get to illustrate when we work together.

This was a comic we did about sexual health, illustrated by Chris Meeks, with colors and letters by Jeremy Mohler.

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One of the first projects (and actually probably what really got this whole thing rolling) that we worked on as a company was for a very ambitious project for a company up in Canada called Foulplay Entertainment. This is a big project and has been pretty involved, but it has also been fun and I’ve enjoyed working with the project lead, Peter Gammell quite a bit.

The basic premise was for this to be a sort of interactive comic series marketed to iPad. The story revolves around a dystopic future and present day – with our main characters communicating through time to stop a major global catastrophe. Like I said – a very cool and fun idea.

The project came to me by way of Jeff Wamester (who actually did the pencils and inks on the covers for the project). Jeff didn’t have time to take the project on and suggested me as a possible alternative, which I was very grateful for. But, after hearing a little bit about the project, I decided it was probably going to be a little more I could handle on my own.  Below are some of the covers that Jeff contributed and I colored.

So after some discussion with Peter, I decided to call on some of my contacts to help. I would do the layouts, color work, and letters for the project and we would outsource for the pencils and inks. This all worked out to our advantage – it allowed us to move a little more quickly through the material, at least that’s what we hoped moving into the project. I was able to recruit and work with a number of talented people, Chris Meeks and Shaun O’Neil among a variety of great artists.

To date, we’ve developed the first two chapters, the first four covers, and a myriad of concept art. Right now the project is on a short hiatus and will hopefully return to production toward the end of the year. If you want to check everything out in action, you can do so over at the Foulplay website.

I’m going to occasionally post up a variety of process art. I enjoy seeing how things come together and it’ll be nice to show a little bit of what goes on behind the scenes as well.

Below you can see our process on page two of chapter one. I did the layout, color work, and letters. Shaun O’Neil did the pencils and inks.

For me, I find it really enjoyable to see how another artist can take my layouts and flesh them out into a fully finished page. I think Shaun did a fantastic job with this page – he was able to take my layouts and really bring this future city to life. I also had a lot of fun doing the color work here – it’s always a great deal of fun to handle the colors, but it’s even more fun when you get to work with other talented creators.

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