Reclaiming Norse Mythology from the Nazis by Ian Stuart Sharpe

It is one of the most iconic scenes in modern cinematic history:  Indiana Jones is in a desperate race against the Nazis, a lone hero battling against the entire German war machine to prevent an ancient artefact of immense power from falling into the wrong hands. Of...

Interview with Ian Stuart Sharpe, Author of The All Father Paradox!

Q: What made you write The All Father Paradox? Ian Stuart Sharpe: I think it was preordained. Not in a crazy way, you understand. You just learn to spot the signs, to realize that something is off-kilter. For example, in the year 793AD, according to the Anglo-Saxon...

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THE ALL FATHER PARADOX Releases in October!

THE ALL FATHER PARADOX by Ian Stuart Sharpe Coming in October! What if an ancient god escaped his fate…and history was thrown to the wolves? Churchwarden Michaels thought it was just a run-of-the-mill crazy old man who stood in the graveyard, hellbent on studying the...

HATH NO FURY Has Hit the Shelves and E-Readers!

Mother. Warrior. Caregiver. Wife. Lover. Survivor. Trickster. Heroine. Leader.   This anthology features 21 stories and six essays about women who defy genre stereotypes. Here, it’s not the hero who acts while the heroine waits to be rescued; Hath No Fury’s women are...


ANNOUNCEMENT Official summary of ALL FATHER PARADOX along with color cover illustration! What if an ancient god escaped his fate…and history was thrown to the wolves? Churchwarden Michaels thought it was just a run-of-the-mill crazy old man who stood in the graveyard,...

Announcement: New Comic Coming from Outland Entertainment!

ANNOUNCEMENT: Announcing Riddle of the Loremaster, an all new original comic series written by Melanie R. Meadors, with art by Nicolás Giacondino! Here is a sneak peek at some of the promo art: Riddle of the Loremaster is a comic for mature readers set in a fantasy...

Women in Dark Fantasy Have Changed by Linda Robertson

In doing a bit of research looking for a dark-fantasy-related topic for this article, I sought something that I knew at least a bit about, something I felt strongly about, and something where I could add meaningfully to the conversation. Many things were considered,...

Alethea Kontis on Imposter Syndrome

Earlier this year, I met the only student Katy Kellgren ever had. He told me he just about had to bully her into being his teacher. This amazing, multiple award-winning voice actress with hundreds of audiobooks under her belt truly didn’t believe she knew anything...

Announcements: HATH NO FURY Has Arrived in the US!

Backers of the paperback and hardcover editions of Hath No Fury will be happy to learn that the books have arrived at the printer's headquarters in Chicago! Now, they just need to be sent to our head honcho Jeremy Mohler, and then they will be sent out to backers...



There is a race of beings called “Books” whose primary reason for existence is to gather information. All across the universe, Books respond to requests for information and do whatever they need to in order to find answers. This series follows a Book names Tapiet, who when we meet him, is trying to deliver information regarding a cure to a disease that is plaguing a particular race in the galaxy. The planet Tapiet is on comes under attack, and through his escape he ends up traveling with a soldier named Captain Rigell. In the quest to deliver the information, Rigell and Tapiet pick up two more crew members, and uncover a much bigger issue–a dimensional wave that is going to destroy all sources of power and technology in the galaxy. The only way to save the galactic races is to travel to a cosmic graveyard of ships and steal planet-sized vessels that can transport the inhabitants of the galaxy to a place far away from the dimensional wave.

Tapiet: A child-like being who is part of a race called “Books.” They are collectors of information around the universe. They have a “genetic imperative” to respond to requests for information about anything, and they are living repositories of information. They take up quests to find and deliver the answers to questions that are asked of them.

Captain Rigell: A soldier who becomes protective of Tapiet, who he believes to just be a child. Only after getting caught up in Tapiet’s adventures does he begin to understand what a “Book” actually is, and how important Tapiet is to the universe.

Alpha Prime Korskoff: A doctor who requests information about a cure to a disease affecting a certain race of beings in his section of the galaxy. Tapiet responds to his request for information, but when they meet, things go awry and Korskoff becomes an unwilling member of Tapiet’s group.

Ting: A fairy-like being who joins Tapiet and Captain Rigell after they free him from slavery.

Silverband: A giant space worm that Tapiet befriended who has come to the aid of Tapiet on multiple occasions.

Samurai Volume One

Samurai Volume One


Toshiro Kimura is a Samurai master of ninjitsu who formerly worked for the peace keeping space battlecruiser Naganata. He is called back into service to search for the missing Professor Stringfellow, Naganata’s weapons expert, who was captured by the insane Nazi scientist Otto Arkoff. Meanwhile, Toshiro must learn the supernatural power of his Samurai sword before Kamakazi, the leader of the Tokyo Yakuza, and her lackeys steal it from him. Marduk, maniacal leader of Centagon, sends his child slaves to conquer Naganata and capture its Commander Velvet Black. Toshiro and his mentor Homer Bently break up a child white slavery ring in Ottawa.

Toshiro Kimura, who follows the Bushido code of the Samurai, is a master ninjitsu practitioner based in Toronto. Ever vigilant, strong, and a clever fighter, he reluctantly works as an agent for Naganata, but would rather work alone.

Commander Hotachi, a clone of Toshiro, made smaller to fit inside his battlesuit, works for Naganata. He resents Toshiro for his unorthodox ways.

Naganata, a space laboratory and defense system, was established by the United Nations to locate and destroy criminal activity that threatens world peace.

Commander Velvet Black is the leader of Naganata intelligence. After Naganata’s destruction, she started Splinter, a private organization for justice based in Ottawa.

Otto Arkoff, an obese bespeckled Nazi, is a mad scientist who bio-engineers mutants to be expendable soldiers in wars.

Professor Stringfellow is Naganata’s weapons and science expert. He has sensitive information that in the wrong hands could be disastrous.

Simon Stringfellow is the professor’s young son, lured into the brainwashing New Christian Society, a cult under the direction of Arkoff. After Simon’s rescue, he hangs out with Toshiro and Gennin.

Sue Stringfellow, Simon’s older sister, is a botanist who was once Arkoff’s captive.

Kamakazi, the fierce female leader of the Yakuza in Tokyo, wants Kimura’s swords for their power.

Homer Bently, a friend of Toshiro’s deceased father, is a grizzled mentor and father figure to Toshiro who helps Toshiro, Velvet, Archie, and Gennin thwart criminals in the city.

Gennin, Toshiro’s older sister, owns a nightclub and later opens a ballet dance studio. She takes in wayward children.

Marduk is an insane scientist who clones and brainwashes child slaves and mutants to be soldiers in his crusade to conquer the world.

Archie Bodonie, a diminutive, long-haired cowboy, is a weapons dealer and field agent working for Splinter.




The Ripper is a vigilante out to stop the violence perpetuated by Mr. Willard’s gang of drug dealers. The original Ripper was a man Aaron who was driven to violence after the disturbing rape and murder of his fiancé. When he is killed by Mr. Willard, another man, Jammahl, takes up the cause of trying to put an end to Mr. Willard’s hold on the city.

Aaron — Becomes a masked vigilante looking for justice after his finance, Cathy, is raped and killed by the Wolfpack. The buff anti-hero becomes known as the Ripper.

Griff — Leader of the tough street gang the Wolfpack, who are attacking women, raping them and then killing them on the streets of New York. They work for Mr. Willard.

Police Chief — The leader of an inept police force, the older man is always shrouded in shadows and doesn’t seem particularly interested in stopping crime in his city.

Reverand Slapton — A public figure, who speaks the lingo of the street. The long-haired minister can’t decide if Mr. Willard’s drug empire or the Ripper’s quest for justice is to blame for the city’s woes. His community seems to be mostly embarrassed by him.

Mr. Willard — Runs the part of New York where Griff and his gang run. A tall thin man with a thick, full head of hair he is out to stop the Ripper before he kills all of his thugs and takes down his drug empire.

Skuffy — The younger brother of the girl who initially helped get the Aaron/Ripper medical care after his fight with Griff’s gang. He wants to follow in Aaron/Ripper’s footsteps and avenge his sister’s murder.

Jammahl — The ex-boyfriend of Skuffy’s dead sister. When Aaron is killed by Mr. Willard, he assumes the role of the Ripper.




In a violent New York City ruled by vicious gangs and corrupt police, Chinatown is protective of its own citizens and resentful of white encroachment. Enter, Kimura, a hero of the streets, who battles a new menace, a robot that houses the mind of evil Mr. Steele. As Steele rains destruction down on Chinatown, Kimura and Team Nippon vow to hunt down Steele.

Hotachi Kimura uses his expertise in sword, gun, and martial arts to fight crime and keep order in Chinatown.

Gennin, Kimura’s sister, is a dance teacher and member of Team Nippon which protects the city.

Simon, Alex, and Lee are teenage members of Team Nippon.

Homer Bently is the devoted guardian of children Xiao and Angel, who are friends with Gennin.

Mr. Steele, super wealthy, racist, and drunk on the possibility of immortality, relinquishes his decrepit body and puts his mind into a robot body. But trouble emerges when the robot rapidly deteriorates.

Murphy, the scientist who created Steele’s robot body, is having second thoughts after witnessing Steele’s destruction.




The young warrior elf Kiku San rescues Jackie Thimble, another elf who takes him to a hidden kingdom below New York where other elves live under the evil rule of King Shard. Kiku is captured by the King and forced to fight in his Game of Death. With the help of Jackie and others, he escapes again to the city. Harm finds Kiku and his friends again. After Jackie is murdered, Kiku fights an assassin sent by the elves of the Orient to kill him, he returns to the Down Under, defeats King Shard when he obtains the powers of key summoned by Master Mydge.

Limy — An elf scalper that works for the Seargent.

Spangle — An elf scalper that works for the Seargent.

3rd Scalper — An elf scalper that works for the Seargent.

Kiku San — An elf who is a member of the River Dragon clan. Originally from Tokyo, he made is way from LA to New York.

Jackie Thimble — Nicknamed Jack, an elf who lives below New York City in what is known as the “Down Under.”

Seargent — A corrupt, heavy set policeman who under the command of the equally corrupt DA commands a squad of elf scalpers.

Ms. Liberty — A heavyset human woman who lives in the Down Under and dresses like the Statue of Liberty.

DA — The evil boss of the city about the Down Under, who commands Seargent and wants Chen captured to help him with his problems in the city.

King Shard — The ruler of the Down Under who cruelly treats the other elves in the kingdom.

Ferrit — King Shard’s loyal elfin sidekick.

Barbwire — King Shard’s sexy and flirtatious concubine who is intrigued by Kiku.

Whambo — King Shard’s champion in the Game of Death, who Rennie is able to defeat with Kiku’s assistance.

Rennie Two Penny — Contestant in the Game of Death, who escapes with Kiku back to the city only to be killed later by Chen.

Chen — An assassin that works for the Elves in the Orient and is hunting Kiku San.

Master Mydge — An old, bearded warlock who summons a special key, which also brings forth the Dark Prince.

Dark Prince — An oversized demon with four eyes who cripples Master Mydge and holds him hostage for his powers.

Gun Fury Volume Two

Gun Fury Volume Two


The bumbling, hemorrhoid suffering vigilante, Gun Fury, and his apathetic sidekick, Ammo, come out of retirement and return to New York to subdue a city overrun by destructive and misguided superheroes. They take on over-eager do-gooders Buttman and Throbbin, the mutant Yesmen who are powerless against bullets, elves who ride wolves and pizza-loving turtles, and the web-spitter Spidy Guy.

Gun Fury is a steroid fueled vigilante short on smarts but big on guns.

Ammo, a.k.a. Peter Pane, is Gun Fury’s reluctant sidekick with a distaste for tights.

Buttman, the Caped Crucifier, and his sidekick, Throbbin, are vigilantes who specialize in killing clowns.

The Yesmen are a group of mutant superheroes with questionable means of getting new recruits.

Spidy Guy is a perpetually whiny, self-doubting superhero whose own costume attacks him.

Gun Fury Volume One

Gun Fury Volume One


In a humorous spoof of comic book themes, Gun Fury mixes superheroes and urban fighting. Oversized and not particularly bright vigilante Gun Fury intercepts a hit list compiled by crimelord Mr. Masters. With fatal precision, usually against his friends and colleagues, Gun Fury, along with his hapless sidekick, Ammo, endeavor to save the next people on the list.

Gun Fury, the Paragon of Justice, is an ogre in a cowl who’s quick on the trigger and prone to collateral damage. He secretly works as mild mannered Jack Lugar at Fan Graphics comics publishing company.

Ammo, a.k.a. Shell Barretta, is Gun Fury’s wide-eyed teenage sidekick.

Grey Grofs, the grumbling publisher of Fan Graphics, hates superheroes and publishes dirt on them.

Kimberly Thomas is a plucky black writer for Fan Graphics.

Mr. Masters is a vampiric crimelord with a sinister master plan for the city’s innocents.

Peter Pane, a teenager who works at Smilin’ Stan’s comic book store, is Masters’ next victim.

Captain Rearguard, a buff but naïve villain-in-training, is tricked into believing Gun Fury is a bad guy.




Set during the run of Elflord, this spinoff series explores the efforts of Purebreeze and Falcon to prevent the Cardinal from becoming king of Greenhaven. A spy and swordplay adventure.

Purebreeze, headstrong young female warrior; long haired, slender, and a skillful martial artist, fencer, and archer. Kin of Falcon’s.

Falcon, a petite, short-haired warrior with one eye, braver than he is skilled, kin of Purebreeze’s.

The Cardinal: An evil cleric who seeks to gain full control of Greenhaven.

Dove: Leader of the Cardinal’s guard, who believed he had killed Falcon.

Elflore Volume One

Elflore Volume One


Set during the run of Elfheim, Elflore chronicles the further adventures of Purebreeze and Falcon as they avoid the war brewing in Greenhaven and are forced by a villain to fulfill a prophecy.

Purebreeze, headstrong young female warrior; long haired, slender, and a skillful martial artist, fencer, and archer. Kin of Falcon’s.

Falcon, a petite, short-haired warrior with one eye, braver than he is skilled, kin of Purebreeze’s.

Kuolmak: A dark wizard who is captures Purebreeze so that she can fulfill a prophecy and bring together two demon stones.

Phlagulos: A wizard who holds one of the two demon stones, which Kuolmak wants.

Kim, a fighter who becomes an ally of Falcon’s in trying to save Purebreeze. Has some minor magical abilities. Former slave of Phlagulos. (Asian descent)

Tyso: A thief who once tried to steal the demon gem, who was frozen as a statue for centuries.

Jethell: Slave of Phlagulos who frees Tyso and turns against his former master.

Elflord Cuts Loose

Elflord Cuts Loose


Hawk (Elflord volumes 1 & 2) returns to lead the elf army, with their steam-tech powered human allies, against goblin invaders. But with the goblins defeated, friction brews between the elven Empire, Kathay, and residents who long for their traditional isolation, and their human allies, who seek to conquer the elven lands.

Warlord Hawk Erickson, youthful elf, dark-haired and lithe, classic hero material. He’s an expert fighter, uses two short (straight) blades in combat. He is celebrated as the leader of the Imperial elven army.

Captain Kritzler, a human airship captain allied to the elves. He has a sharp, pointed beard and dresses in an equally sharp uniform. He falls for Yue Xin on first sight and takes her from her island and leadership when his men capture her people as slaves. Promoted to general and ordered by the Kaiser to take the Emperor’s head, he leads the occupation of the Empire.

Blaylock, Kritzler’s human second in command. He has muttonchops and a bit of a paunch. He supports making profit by taking “wild” island elves (far away from the center of the mainland-based Empire) as slaves.

Falcon, an ally of Hawk’s from their youth, cousin to Purebreeze. Falcon has lost an eye, but he’s a well-dressed warrior popular with elven women. A member of Purebreeze’s Righteous Warriors.

Captain Purebreeze, an ally of Hawk’s from their youth and a formidable warrior, cousin to Falcon. A female member of the Imperial elven army. Purebreeze leads a contingent of the Righteous Warriors in an alliance with the royal council, led by the Mandarin, to oppose the human settlement of elven lands.

Hui Cheng, bald young Imperial warrior, guard to the Emperor and friend to Hawk (Asian-descent). Hui Cheng has some magical gifts and helps to return Hawk to his comrades after the humans bomb the capital city.

The Emperor/Po Yi, a bespectacled young ruler, of age with Hawk, who wears robes with Mandarin collars and speaks formally (Asian-descent). He is a believer in peace and learning rather than war but will fight to defend his people.

Bran, a youthful former mercenary (Elflord volume 1) now a loyal member of the Imperial elven army, (possibly of Asian descent). A member of Purebreeze’s Righteous Warriors.

Springstorm, a dark-skinned member of the Imperial elven army, who wears hoop earrings and keeps his long hair in corn-rows. A member of Purebreeze’s Righteous Warriors.

The Goblin King, enemy of the Emperor and leader of the goblins; captured by Hawk, he becomes the prisoner of the Empire.

The Mandarin, advisor to the Emperor and head of the royal council. He disagrees with the Emperor about the alliance with humans, and he allies with Purebreeze’s warriors in opposition of human settlement of elven lands.

Windblade Greensleeve, supposedly the last of the magical, white-haired elves (the sidhe). He is petite (even smaller than Falcon) and freckle-faced, and looks younger than the other elves, with a childlike demeanor. Hawk left his position once to travel with Windblade, when Windblade was cast out for his magic. The Empire is still prejudiced against sidhe and has outlawed practice of sidhe magic. Windblade, in trying to stop a rebellion, inadvertently causes the fighting to be started by humans rather than elves.

Lady Bai Mao/Yue Xin, a sidhe leader of isolated island elves. When the humans capture her people, Captain Kritzler takes her for himself. She is instantly subservient in appearance, and believes destiny has brought them together. She supports the human conquest, viewing it as revenge for the way the sidhe have been cast out of elven society.

Greylone, Windblade’s magic instructor, who in this series appears as a round-faced elf of Asian heritage (rather than the human he appeared to be in Elflord volume 2).

Cardinal of the Crescent Moon, a human missionary who intends to instruct the elves in a “proper” religion.

William Ashbless, a famous human writer.

The Kaiser, the ruler of the blighted human lands, intent on conquering and converting the elves.

Kim, a fighter and spy among Purebreeze’s Righteous Warriors. (Asian descent)

Kibu, the Mandarin’s pet warrior, who ultimately shoots and kills the Emperor.

Old Stinner, a human former missionary who lives in the watery sublevels beneath the Empire’s capital city. He rescues Hawk after Kritzler bombs the city.

Condor, Hawk’s brother and ruler of another elf city. He is under the control of a witch.