The Vinland Invasion of Jorvik

Outland’s very own Ian Stuart Sharpe went Viking with what was billed as the “Vinland Invasion” of the Jorvik Viking Festival in the UK. You might not be old enough to remember the British Invasion, but you still feel its effects. The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the...

The Soulless by Kate Martin Acquired

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: Gwendolyn Nix DARK FANTASY NOVEL ACQUIRED BY OUTLAND ENTERTAINMENT Novelist Kate Martin joins Outland Entertainment family with The Soulless KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI (MARCH 2, 2020)—A new dark epic...

Where the Veil is Thin Announced!

Hello folks! So, coming in February, will be a campaign for our latest anthology - Where the Veil is Thin. Featuring stories from David Bowles, Seanan McGuire, Glenn Parris, Shanna Swendson, Gwendolyn N. Nix, L. Penelope, Alethea Kontis, Linda Robertson, Grey Yuen,...


Hello everybody! It took us a while, but APEX: Collected Edition is now LIVE on Kickstarter! Thank you for being patient, giving us feedback, and sticking with us while we sorted out all the details to give this the biggest chance of success as possible. We appreciate...

APEX to Launch January 7th!

Hello everybody! We're well aware that we've had multiple announcements for the launch of APEX: The Collected Edition on Kickstarter and apologize for that. We were excited about getting the game back out there and we made announcements prematurely. To that end, I...

Fox & Willow Acquired by Outland Entertainment

Fox & Willow, an online grim fairytale series, has been acquired by Outland Entertainment. Written by Allison Pang and illustrated by Irma ‘Aimo’ Ahmed, Fox & Willow debuted in April 2012 and has maintained a strong fanbase ever since. Following the runaway princess, Willow, and her mischievous fox spirit companion, Gideon, the overarching plot…

APEX Kickstarter Launch Date Revisited

Hello everybody! I know that we announced the hard launch date for the Kickstarter for APEX: Collected Edition yesterday. When we announced that, we felt pretty sure we were ready to roll, but we had a significant amount of feedback on the campaign. Because of how the...

APEX Kickstarter Launch Date!

Okay folks! We finally have news. We're planning to launch the APEX: Collected Edition on Tuesday, December 10th. Here's a preview of the campaign that you can check out before launch!...

Final 20 Hours of The Jötunn War Issue 02 Kickstarter!

The Jötunn War Issue 02 just reached it's primary funding goal on Kickstarter! We're now at the final 20 hours of the campaign and we're hoping to raise funds for issue three! Thank you all so much for your continued support! The Jötunn War is a FOUR ISSUE graphic...

Apex Kickstarter Update

Hello everybody! A quick update on the status of the upcoming Apex Theropod: Deckbuilding Game Collected Edition Kickstarter. We had expected to launch the Kickstarter last week, but it took a little longer than we anticipated to get all the details in from the...


The emperor is dead. What’s left of the once proud Pilean Empire is under siege from enemies beyond its borders—and from within. Rival nations of Ommany, Thila, and Ud, along with the pirates of Brailee’s Steps, clamber to gain advantage in battles over the empire’s land and wealth. It is a time of war and strife, but also of discovery and opportunity. The race to control the north has driven progress in science, technology, and sorcery, all of which contribute to the chaos in their own unique ways.

But the empire only believes itself to be at the world’s center. Elsewhere, aquatic zealots plunder the seas and coasts. Young, progressive nations rise and gain power. In the untamed wilds, dark secrets and ancient ruins lie in wait. Musicians harness the power of magic through their songs.

And beyond the borders of the physical world, immortal demigods debate the fate of these chaotic mortals—and intervene at their tumultuous whims.

Life on the Pilean continent grows more interesting by the hour…

PILEAUS is an ambitious transmedia project set in a sprawling dark fantasy realm. It’s the story of a world in chaos as told by a diverse group of creators. Current components include:

  • PILEAUS: WAR IN THE NORTH, an RPG sourcebook.
  • DISGRACED, a graphic novel by Scott Colby.
  • THE UNMADE MAN, a novel by Daniel Tyler Gooden.
  • And an array of short stories and webcomics released online monthly.
Shogun Knight Dyson V

Shogun Knight Dyson V

What happens when you mix giant robots with interplanar monsters reminiscent of HP Lovecraft? According to Lieutenant “Hightower” Harmon, an unfortunate amount of paperwork. With giant robots, giant monsters, and giant action, SHOGUN KNIGHT: DYSON V mixes the best tropes of Japanese Mecha and Lovecraftian horror and pairs them with a down to earth hero and an appealing, diverse supporting team.

When the corrupt titan, BLACK ODIN, rampages through the scientific facility intended to study it, piloted by Thompson, a scientist gone mad due to his exposure to the “Walkers,” tentacular aliens able to reanimate the dead, Harmon has no choice but to attempt to awaken a second Mecha to confront him.

But the series of events Thompson has started reach across the globe, and one Mecha won’t be enough to save the world.

Harmon and his team must seek out the remaining lost guardians in order to protect humanity.

SHOGUN KNIGHT: DYSON V is a full color, over-sized, four-issue Super Robot action series in the vein of Shogun Warriors, Mazinger Z, Giant Robo, and Grendizer. Written by creator Mat Nastos with art by Nastos and Nicolas Giancondino and colors by Chunlin Zhao, SHOGUN KNIGHT DYSON V is an exciting love letter to Japanese Super Robots and Mecha.

Beggars & Thieves

Beggars & Thieves

One good tale deserves another…

In the coastal city of Vatan, a once-grand metropolis torn by divisions between its wealthy and its poor, one story spins inside another inside another. It is the story of an old woman beggar and a kind college student, who loses a day as he is enraptured by the woman’s story.

It is the story of Sera the Thief, who cleverly delays her execution at the hands of unjust rulers by promising to reveal why she stole an amulet. It is the story of Remy, whose adventures lead him to discover a jinni that grants three wishes, and whose twists and turns always seem to leave a happy ending out of his reach.

As the stories intertwine, the fate of the city of Vatan hangs in the balance.

Beggars and Thieves is an Arabian Nights inspired tale of justice in the face of tyranny by Emily Hall and illustrated by Brian Koschak and Paul Little. Its nestled stories have its own characters demanding to follow the story through to the end–and readers of the comic will be hooked the same way.



N0.1R is a classic hardboiled detective story set in a city populated entirely by robots. Reminiscent of Frank Miller’s famous SIN CITY, N0.1R takes place in an urban landscape where crime is king and the technological overlords are working furiously to remove all sign of organic life. The influence of G.0D, a central computer to which the city’s inhabitants back themselves up everyday, is as powerful as it is mysterious.

The beautiful Isabella Ironhide’s husband is missing and she’s being stalked by a giant robot two stories tall. She knows the two problems are somehow connected, but the police refuse to believe her. With nowhere else to turn, she heads for the wrong side of town to hire Detective Hammer, a down-on-his-luck former cop with just the sort of shady underworld connections she needs.

Isabella’s towering stalker attacks Hammer’s office almost before she can finish her story. The detective fends the behemoth off

with a lucky shot and acquires a broken piece of its eye.

Evidence in hand, the pair seeks the council of Hammer’s shady contacts who frequent the only place such a robot could’ve come from: the dense junkyard of old bots surrounding the city. Their investigation will reveal truths about Isabella’s missing husband, G.0D, and organic life that neither of the pair ever could’ve imagined.

Presented as a graphic novel, N0.1R marries old school whodunnits with modern existential science fiction. It’s packed with a truly original setting, surprising twists and turns, and gorgeous artwork. Fans of 100 BULLETS, atmospheric detective stories, and unique comic books will love N0.1R.



BLACKLANDS is an action/ adventure that takes place in the years following the Civil War. Set in the tradition of the classic Sergio Leone westerns, BLACKLANDS has plenty of action, romance, violence, and revenge. Think of it as PALE RIDER meets TREMORS with a splash of TRUE GRIT thrown in for good measure.

When a young girl goes missing from the small town of Bliss, Silas, the town elder calls upon Virgil Kane to bring her home. Silas explains that details of Lorelle’s disappearance are limited, and that discretion in the girls safe return are imperative as to not bring shame upon his family. Virgil accepts the assignment unaware that Lorelle is pregnant and ran away to

ensure the safety of her unborn child.

Danger lurks around every corner as Virgil falls neck-deep into the world-altering hellscape known as BEASTFALL – an environmental cataclysm that brings about a second Dark Age where fresh water and edged weapons are the key to survival.



At ten years of age, Dawn is abducted from her foster placed with the owner of a seedy Texas strip club.

She is raised on bar food, mystery novels, and hard work. The motley group of inhabitants provides a practical and eclectic education, and plenty of entertainment.

When the club burns down, Dawn embarks on an odyssey.

She rambles across the United

States searching for her mother and hoping to find a home. With no money, no family, and no connections, she has only her wits and luck to overcome the obstacles that await her.

Ithaca is the story of her journey.



AEGISTEEL is a spellpunk adventure set in the world of the Aegisteel Empire, a society of steel and magic built on the backs of its soldiers and terrible war machines. Think of it as DIRTY DOZEN meets SMOKING ACES set in a war-torn SPELLPUNK world.

When the Theln Empire captures the ancient Aegisteel forges at Nelvynnal, veteran marksman Broderick Longbarrel is released from Blackgate Prison and given one last chance for redemption. Tasked with infiltrating the ancient and impenetrable

fortress, Longbarrel and five former death row inmates must succeed before the Theln can begin production of the giant war-golems that could shift the balance of the war.



Welcome to Nightfell; a world locked in a cycle of struggle between the forces of light and dark… or is it? Every ninety years, the world of Berun is subject to ten years of darkness when the shining eyes of the gods close and monsters boil forth from the depths below to devour all in their path. Humanity protects itself with armies made of the dead, the corpseguard, which return to life during Nightfell and stand watch over the cities and strongholds.

It has been 89 years since the last Nightfell, and the ancient city of Kamteh has fallen under

the control of a new religious sect that believes the gods will halt the cycle of Nightfell if they destroy their corpseguard. And only the oldest living embalmer of Kamteh, Father Kast, and his two young pupils stand between this cult and the utter destruction of their city!




The evil warlock Azeroth has emerged from the Amazon and come to New York City in the body of Jeff and Kate’s explorer dad. David Patrick recalls his own former existence as Tamir Moonstar, a wizard from another planet who has tried to stop in the past to stop Azeroth from taking over the earth. Azeroth ends up turning Moonstar to his side, killing Jeff, Kate and many others, before being stopped by an old Amazonian sorcerer with the aid of Hotachi and Homer.

Jeff — A young blonde boy, the younger brother of Kate

Kate — Along with her younger brother Jeff, she is looking for their dad in the Amazon. She has chin-length blonde hair

Toomai — A sorcerer’s apprentice from the Amazon, who has the ability to turn into a panther.

Azeroth, the Alien Warlock — A demonic being that has taken over the body of Jeff and Kate’s father. Two horns protrude from his forehead, and he feeds on human flesh.

David Patrick/Tamir Moonstar — David is an aspiring writer living in Greenwich Village. Bizarre dreams make him realize that he was an alien wizard, Tamir Moonstar, in his past life.

Heartmoon — Azeroth’s lady who has long dark hair and is able to control things with her mind. She works on advanced weaponry.

Hotachi Kimura — A young samurai.

Homer Bently — An old soldier how travels with Hotachi.

Amazonian wizard —Toomai’s master, he is a wizened old sorcerer living in the Amazon.

Lee — One of three friends on holiday in the Amazon who are meeting up with Hotachi and Homer.

Simon — One of three friends on holiday in the Amazon who are meeting up with Hotachi and Homer.

Alex — One of three friends on holiday in the Amazon who are meeting up with Hotachi and Homer.

Team Nippon

Team Nippon


Team Nippon formed to clean up Chinatown of the influence of the Yakuza crime syndicate, as well as the Tong gang who are trying to overthrow the Yakuza. The Yakuza fight back by working to construct a killing robot with plans from Japan. After being betrayed by Sai and Bo, Team Nippon destroys the Yakuza’a headquarters.

Nunchaku (Lee) — Sporting the yin yang on his chest, and a full head/face mask, he uses num-chuks.

Nightwynd (Alex) — He is able to link minds with others and send projections of himself. As Nightwynd he wears a costume with a triangle inside a triangle on the chest and a cape.

Thrasher (Simon) — The blonde hero rides a skateboard. His costume includes a helmet with a visor and knee and elbow pads.

Samurai (Gennin) — With short dark hair, she wears a face mask and is skilled with a sword.

Sai — Buxom female, masked vigilante who is partnered with Bo. They double cross Team Nippon by working with the Tong.

Bo — Skunk stripe in hair, large, hulking figure with a hot temper who is partnered with Sai. They double cross Team Nippon by working with the Tong.