The Santa Myth…

...And Why Pit Such a Cheery Legend Against the Horror of Zombies? by John Mayer Although this very question sounds paradoxical, the horror genre has always been at its best when it injects the shocking, the gruesome, the profane, the unknown, the ugly with the...

Storytime with Ian: Who are the Jötnar?

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth”. See, that’s where the Christianity has it all wrong. All good Vikings knew the real story of how it all really began. The same way it will all end. With giants. Ginnungagap was the great emptiness before...

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: Gwendolyn Nix SANTA VS ZOMBIES, ORIGINAL GRAPHIC NOVEL, LAUNCHES ON KICKSTARTER  Adventurous world full of Christmas cheer and gore to launch April 9, 2019   TOPEKA, KANSAS (April 11, 2019)—A...


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: Gwendolyn Nix NEW COMIC, ORC GIRL & GOBBO, RELEASES FROM OUTLAND ENTERTAINMENT  New Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy Comic Releases on March 29, 2019 TOPEKA, KANSAS (March 29, 2019)—Orc Girl & Gobbo,...

Planet Comicon 2019 Booth #1925

Hello folks! As we do every year, we'll be out at our hometown show, Planet Comicon. We'll have a variety of books, games, comics, and artwork on the table for you to check out! We'll be at booth #1925. This year, special guest Chris Yarbrough will be joining us for...


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: Gwendolyn Nix NEW VIKINGVERSE GRAPHIC NOVEL, THE JÖTUNN WAR, LAUNCHES ON KICKSTARTER The first of a four-issue graphic novel brings Norse history to life this March TOPEKA, KANSAS (March 22, 2019)—...

Reclaiming Norse Mythology from the Nazis by Ian Stuart Sharpe

It is one of the most iconic scenes in modern cinematic history:  Indiana Jones is in a desperate race against the Nazis, a lone hero battling against the entire German war machine to prevent an ancient artefact of immense power from falling into the wrong hands. Of...

Interview with Ian Stuart Sharpe, Author of The All Father Paradox!

Q: What made you write The All Father Paradox? Ian Stuart Sharpe: I think it was preordained. Not in a crazy way, you understand. You just learn to spot the signs, to realize that something is off-kilter. For example, in the year 793AD, according to the Anglo-Saxon...

THE ALL FATHER PARADOX Releases in October!

THE ALL FATHER PARADOX by Ian Stuart Sharpe Coming in October! What if an ancient god escaped his fate…and history was thrown to the wolves? Churchwarden Michaels thought it was just a run-of-the-mill crazy old man who stood in the graveyard, hellbent on studying...

HATH NO FURY Has Hit the Shelves and E-Readers!

Mother. Warrior. Caregiver. Wife. Lover. Survivor. Trickster. Heroine. Leader.   This anthology features 21 stories and six essays about women who defy genre stereotypes. Here, it’s not the hero who acts while the heroine waits to be rescued; Hath No Fury’s...
Santa VS Zombies

Santa VS Zombies

Santa VS Zombies Graphic Novel, Volume 1


Creator: Koji Steven Sakai
John Mayer
CW Cooke
llustrator: Cesar Sebastian
Colors: Andy Poole
Letters: Ed Dukeshire
Designer: Jeremy D. Mohler

A burned-out Santa Claus reluctantly embarks on his last chimney crawl but finds his Christmas spirit when a zombie apocalypse threatens to destroy the world.

Meet Santa. He’s having a mid-life crisis. He hates his job and wishes he was doing anything else other than being Santa. He’s just going through the motions and that’s why he doesn’t notice the zombie apocalypse until it’s almost two late. Saved by two kids, he at first tries to get back to the North Pole only to discover that his reindeer have been eaten. On the run and just trying to survive, Santa befriends the kids and falls in love with their recently-divorced mother. Soon Santa rediscovers his Christmas spirit and does everything he can to save Christmas for the kids—even if it means his own death.


Vikingverse: The Jotunn War

Vikingverse: The Jotunn War

Vikingverse Graphic Novel Series, Issue 1


Author: Ian Stuart Sharpe
Editor: Alana Joli Abbott
Illustrator: Devmalya Pramanik
Colors: Paul Little
Letters: Ed Dukeshire
Designer: Shawn King

A war as old as time, where fate itself hangs in the balance.

In the Vikingverse, the Norse rule the stars with restless fleets and an iron will. But when the thralls rebel, turning to the artifice of Norns to help them escape their bondage, the Natural order is thrown into chaos.

The Jötunn War has been fought across the Nine Homeworlds to contain the threat, a battle against the stuff of ancient nightmares, red in tooth and claw. Jötunheim is the rebellion’s last redoubt, an indignity the Empire plans to cleanse with flame and fury.  

The Jötunn War. Go Big or Go Home in a body bag. 

Coming soon!

Orc Girl & Gobbo

Orc Girl & Gobbo

Orcgirl & Gobbo Series, Issue 1


Creator & Illustrator: Chris Yarbrough
Editor: Alana Joli Abbott
Designer: Jeremy Mohler

Our heroine, Orc Girl, is an ex-mercenary and settler for the rising Elven Empire, seeking to make a peaceful living on the newly declared frontier as a middling farmer, she frequently finds herself seeking out more lucrative work, such as tomb raiding, and mercenary jobs.

Gobbo, is a goblin runt, whom was adopted by Orc Girl after his people were killed in a a human raid on a goblin cave. The two are at once a great team, and a pain in each other’s asses, with Gobbo frequently getting Orc Girl into all kinds of scrapes.

Welcome to the world of Orcgirl & Gobbo!

Coming soon!

Warlock 5

Warlock 5

The Grid.

A mystical nexus, a crossroads connecting all times, all realities. Along the ley lines of the Grid, the multiverse clusters.

To move along the Grid is to move from one reality to the next. To harness the power of the Grid is to harness the awesome might of creation.

Five touchstone realities exist at focal points along the Grid. From each of these realities, a Warlock is chosen to act as one of five Guardians. Savasthar, a shapeshifting dragon-like being. Doomidor, a warlord from the Dark Ages. Argon, an advanced cybernetic organism from a techno-hell.

Tanith, an ageless sorceress. Zania, a power-mad, machine gun necromancer.  Together, the Warlocks protect the Grid, thereby protecting all of space and time. They are the last line of defense against the awful forces of chaos that lurk in the darkness outside the Grid.

There’s only one problem.

They hate each other.

Created by Gordon Derry & Denis Beauvais
Written by Cullen Bunn & Jimmy Johnston
Illustrated by Jeffrey Edwards
Colors by Pedro Figue
Design by Edward Lavallee



Welcome to Nightfell; a world locked in a cycle of struggle between the forces of light and dark… or is it? Every ninety years, the world of Berun is subject to ten years of darkness when the shining eyes of the gods close and monsters boil forth from the depths below to devour all in their path. Humanity protects itself with armies made of the dead, the corpseguard, which return to life during Nightfell and stand watch over the cities and strongholds.

 It has been 89 years since the last Nightfell, and the ancient city of Kamteh has fallen under

the control of a new religious sect that believes the gods will halt the cycle of Nightfell if they destroy their corpseguard. And only the oldest living embalmer of Kamteh, Father Kast, and his two young pupils stand between this cult and the utter destruction of their city!

Created by Nicolas Giacondino
Written by Jeremy Tolbert
Illustrated by Nicolas Giacondino
Colors by Pedro Figue
Lettered by Edward Dukeshire
Produced by Steven Dudley
Logo & Design by Edward Lavallee
Cover colors by Jeremy Mohler



The emperor is dead. What’s left of the once proud Pilean Empire is under siege from enemies beyond its borders—and from within. Rival nations of Ommany, Thila, and Ud, along with the pirates of Brailee’s Steps, clamber to gain advantage in battles over the empire’s land and wealth. It is a time of war and strife, but also of discovery and opportunity. The race to control the north has driven progress in science, technology, and sorcery, all of which contribute to the chaos in their own unique ways.

But the empire only believes itself to be at the world’s center. Elsewhere, aquatic zealots plunder the seas and coasts. Young, progressive nations rise and gain power. In the untamed wilds, dark secrets and ancient ruins lie in wait. Musicians harness the power of magic through their songs.

And beyond the borders of the physical world, immortal demigods debate the fate of these chaotic mortals—and intervene at their tumultuous whims.

Life on the Pilean continent grows more interesting by the hour…

PILEAUS is an ambitious transmedia project set in a sprawling dark fantasy realm. It’s the story of a world in chaos as told by a diverse group of creators. Current components include:

  • PILEAUS: WAR IN THE NORTH, an RPG sourcebook.
  • DISGRACED, a graphic novel by Scott Colby.
  • THE UNMADE MAN, a novel by Daniel Tyler Gooden.
  • And an array of short stories and webcomics released online monthly.

Created by Jeremy Mohler, Scott Colby, & William Ward
Illustrated by Chris Yarbrough



At ten years of age, Dawn is abducted from her foster placed with the owner of a seedy Texas strip club.

She is raised on bar food, mystery novels, and hard work. The motley group of inhabitants provides a practical and eclectic education, and plenty of entertainment.

When the club burns down, Dawn embarks on an odyssey.

She rambles across the United

States searching for her mother and hoping to find a home. With no money, no family, and no connections, she has only her wits and luck to overcome the obstacles that await her.

Ithaca is the story of her journey.

Written by Alana Joli Abbott
Illustrated by Dean Kotz

Colored by Paul Little
Logo design by Edward Lavallee
Cover colors by Jeremy Mohler



BLACKLANDS is an action/ adventure that takes place in the years following the Civil War. Set in the tradition of the classic Sergio Leone westerns, BLACKLANDS has plenty of action, romance, violence, and revenge. Think of it as PALE RIDER meets TREMORS with a splash of TRUE GRIT thrown in for good measure.

When a young girl goes missing from the small town of Bliss, Silas, the town elder calls upon Virgil Kane to bring her home. Silas explains that details of Lorelle’s disappearance are limited, and that discretion in the girls safe return are imperative as to not bring shame upon his family. Virgil accepts the assignment unaware that Lorelle is pregnant and ran away to

ensure the safety of her unborn child.

Danger lurks around every corner as Virgil falls neck-deep into the world-altering hellscape known as BEASTFALL – an environmental cataclysm that brings about a second Dark Age where fresh water and edged weapons are the key to survival.

Created by Jeremy Mohler & Edward Lavallee
Written by Edward Lavallee
Illustrated by Erick Marquez
Layouts, Concepts, & Colors by Jeremy Mohler
Lettered by Edward Dukeshire
Logo & Design by Edward Lavallee



AEGISTEEL is a spellpunk adventure set in the world of the Aegisteel Empire, a society of steel and magic built on the backs of its soldiers and terrible war machines. Think of it as DIRTY DOZEN meets SMOKING ACES set in a war-torn SPELLPUNK world.

When the Theln Empire captures the ancient Aegisteel forges at Nelvynnal, veteran marksman Broderick Longbarrel is released from Blackgate Prison and given one last chance for redemption. Tasked with infiltrating the ancient and impenetrable

fortress, Longbarrel and five former death row inmates must succeed before the Theln can begin production of the giant war-golems that could shift the balance of the war.

Created & Written by Mat Nastos
Illustrated by Alan Gallo
Layouts, Concepts, & Colors by Jeremy Mohler
Lettered by Edward Dukeshire
Logo & Design by Edward Lavallee



Brother faces brother in this fantasy adventure of a tyrannical Sidhe empress and the heirs of the fallen Elflord. Twenty years have passed since the Elflord, Hawk, fell at the hands of the Sidhe empress and her human army. His sons have grown in secret, beyond her reach, on the outskirts of what was once their father’s land.

But as they reach adulthood, the sons, Dawn and Dusk, opposites in temperament, handle the oppression of their people differently. While Dawn seeks to remain hidden from the empress’s gaze, tempestuous Dusk harries her forces. When they become targets of a manhunt meant to bring them to the feet of the empress, Dusk turns to an old ally of his father to take up his father’s mantle while Dawn is drawn to the temptations offered by the Sidhe court.

As they grow in strength, it is only a matter of time before the two meet on opposite sides of battle—and there can be only one winner.

ELFLORD is a continuation of the series created by Barry Blair, brought once again to life by the talent of writer Mat Nastos, with art by Nastos and Nicolas Giacondino and colors by Paul Little. This new series of four 60-page, oversize, full color books will thrill readers of the original series, and new readers will find this an exciting launching point to enter the world.

Created by Barry Blair
Written by Mat Nastos
Illustrated by Mat Nastos & Nicolas Giacondino
Colors by Paul Little
Lettered by Edward Dukeshire
Logo & Design by Edward Lavallee