APEX Kickstarter Launch Date!

Okay folks! We finally have news. We're planning to launch the APEX: Collected Edition on Tuesday, December 10th. Here's a preview of the campaign that you can check out before launch!...

Final 20 Hours of The Jötunn War Issue 02 Kickstarter!

The Jötunn War Issue 02 just reached it's primary funding goal on Kickstarter! We're now at the final 20 hours of the campaign and we're hoping to raise funds for issue three! Thank you all so much for your continued support! The Jötunn War is a FOUR ISSUE graphic...

Apex Kickstarter Update

Hello everybody! A quick update on the status of the upcoming Apex Theropod: Deckbuilding Game Collected Edition Kickstarter. We had expected to launch the Kickstarter last week, but it took a little longer than we anticipated to get all the details in from the...

Outland Stock Art on Patreon

Hello folks! We just launched a stock art initiative on Patreon! Outland Entertainment has provided thousands of images to publishers over the years, ranging from black/white quarter page illustration to full color covers, interior artwork, and graphic design. Over...

Outland Entertainment Partners with KickCTRL

Hello folks! I know that things have been a bit quiet most of the last year, but things have been grinding along! We've been looking into ways to correct some of our past mistakes, namely, the extreme mismanagement of our crowdfunding campaigns. We KNOW we have really...

Apex Theropod Collected Edition Kickstarter

Hello everybody! We just wanted to share the news that the Apex Theropod: Deck Building Game will be launching on Kickstarter next week. Right now, we're planning to call this the "Collected Edition." This version of the game includes a new box with all new box...

Ian Stuart Sharpe on the Jotunn War Cover Process

One of the ideas that fascinates me most as an author are the symbols we use throughout history. For example, the cover of the latest issue of the Jötunn War is a pastiche of a well known WWI poster. We have subverted the Army Air Service American Eagle and added in a...

The Santa Myth…

...And Why Pit Such a Cheery Legend Against the Horror of Zombies? by John Mayer Although this very question sounds paradoxical, the horror genre has always been at its best when it injects the shocking, the gruesome, the profane, the unknown, the ugly with the...

Storytime with Ian: Who are the Jötnar?

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth”. See, that’s where the Christianity has it all wrong. All good Vikings knew the real story of how it all really began. The same way it will all end. With giants. Ginnungagap was the great emptiness before there...

Santa VS Zombies Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: Gwendolyn Nix SANTA VS ZOMBIES, ORIGINAL GRAPHIC NOVEL, LAUNCHES ON KICKSTARTER  Adventurous world full of Christmas cheer and gore to launch April 9, 2019   TOPEKA, KANSAS (April 11, 2019)—A new...


When the king is murdered, and his betrayer claims the throne, the loyal King’s Guards lead a rebellion to free the kingdom. Elflord is a swords and sorcery high fantasy story of courtly intrigue, rebellion, and honor, where those loyal to the kingdom stand against the growing evil of the traitor’s magic.

Hawk Erickson, youthful leader of the King’s Guard, dark-haired and lithe, classic hero material. He’s an expert fighter, uses two short (straight) blades in combat, and wears a cloak for style. He becomes a leader of the rebellion against Doran.

Purebreeze, headstrong young female member of the King’s Guard; long haired, slender, and a skillful martial artist, fencer, and archer. Longtime friend of Hawk’s, kin of Falcon’s.

Falcon, a petite, short-haired member of the King’s Guard, braver than he is skilled, kin of Purebreeze’s, who is framed for the King’s murder. Doran tortures him for information by killing and torturing other innocent elves, blaming Falcon for their deaths.

Princess Tiang, a proper elf woman, secretly in love with Hawk (who returns her love) in a Disney’s Robin Hood Maid Marian kind of way. Her prejudice against magic users drives a rift between the lovers.

Brolo, a member of the realm’s soldiers, stocky and a bit rotund, older and full of himself. At first, he is secretly working for the king’s traitorous advisor, Doran, but he becomes a valuable ally to Hawk.

Windblade Greensleeve, supposedly the last of the magical, white-haired elves (the sidhe). He is petite (even smaller than Falcon) and freckle-faced, and looks younger than the other elves, with a childlike demeanor.

Doran, the trusted advisor to the King who is a withered old elf wizard, whose search for magical power leads him to betray and murder the king and take over the kingdom.

Burnster, the rivermaster; this grizzled old elf runs the ferry across the river in a forest overrun with trolls. A friend of Hawk’s and a pipe smoker.

Bran, dark-haired mercenary elf who is possibly prettier than he is tough. He dual wields wakizashi and is intended to appear of Asian descent. He’s money minded and shifts from plans to be a mercenary to being a bodyguard when he’s offered double the rate.

Efrain: A wizard who offers to teach Windblade how to use his magic.

Koeta the Merchant: Elderly elf with a long white beard and a round stomach; Bran’s employer. Koeta guards the Sceptre of Power.

Nendo, an obese and wrinkled “wicked witch,” in league with Doran, who summons creatures to torment Koeta the Merchant and retrieve the Sceptre. Like most villains, she intends to keep the Sceptre for herself, forcing her ally Doran to bow to her instead.

Lord Vanian, a one-eyed, arrogant noble who has a stripe of white in his black hair. An informant to Doran, providing him with both news and strategy.

Pike, the head groom of the kingdom. He has a gaunt, possibly scarred face. Proud both in his work and in his demeanor.

Wuthersnike, an ugly goblin, head of Doran’s staff and a slave driver when it comes to the household help.

Cora and Heg, two kitchen servants in the palace (Cora an elder and Heg a beautiful young elf).

[related short comic provided as bonus material]

Windblade the Elder, Windblade’s father, a warrior as well as a wizard, who fights bandits with bow and gun. He rescues a tiger-faced and striped elf whose husband was murdered by the bandits he fought.