The Vinland Invasion of Jorvik

Outland’s very own Ian Stuart Sharpe went Viking with what was billed as the “Vinland Invasion” of the Jorvik Viking Festival in the UK. You might not be old enough to remember the British Invasion, but you still feel its effects. The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the...

The Soulless by Kate Martin Acquired

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: Gwendolyn Nix DARK FANTASY NOVEL ACQUIRED BY OUTLAND ENTERTAINMENT Novelist Kate Martin joins Outland Entertainment family with The Soulless KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI (MARCH 2, 2020)—A new dark epic...

Where the Veil is Thin Announced!

Hello folks! So, coming in February, will be a campaign for our latest anthology - Where the Veil is Thin. Featuring stories from David Bowles, Seanan McGuire, Glenn Parris, Shanna Swendson, Gwendolyn N. Nix, L. Penelope, Alethea Kontis, Linda Robertson, Grey Yuen,...


Hello everybody! It took us a while, but APEX: Collected Edition is now LIVE on Kickstarter! Thank you for being patient, giving us feedback, and sticking with us while we sorted out all the details to give this the biggest chance of success as possible. We appreciate...

APEX to Launch January 7th!

Hello everybody! We're well aware that we've had multiple announcements for the launch of APEX: The Collected Edition on Kickstarter and apologize for that. We were excited about getting the game back out there and we made announcements prematurely. To that end, I...

Fox & Willow Acquired by Outland Entertainment

Fox & Willow, an online grim fairytale series, has been acquired by Outland Entertainment. Written by Allison Pang and illustrated by Irma ‘Aimo’ Ahmed, Fox & Willow debuted in April 2012 and has maintained a strong fanbase ever since. Following the runaway princess, Willow, and her mischievous fox spirit companion, Gideon, the overarching plot…

APEX Kickstarter Launch Date Revisited

Hello everybody! I know that we announced the hard launch date for the Kickstarter for APEX: Collected Edition yesterday. When we announced that, we felt pretty sure we were ready to roll, but we had a significant amount of feedback on the campaign. Because of how the...

APEX Kickstarter Launch Date!

Okay folks! We finally have news. We're planning to launch the APEX: Collected Edition on Tuesday, December 10th. Here's a preview of the campaign that you can check out before launch!...

Final 20 Hours of The Jötunn War Issue 02 Kickstarter!

The Jötunn War Issue 02 just reached it's primary funding goal on Kickstarter! We're now at the final 20 hours of the campaign and we're hoping to raise funds for issue three! Thank you all so much for your continued support! The Jötunn War is a FOUR ISSUE graphic...

Apex Kickstarter Update

Hello everybody! A quick update on the status of the upcoming Apex Theropod: Deckbuilding Game Collected Edition Kickstarter. We had expected to launch the Kickstarter last week, but it took a little longer than we anticipated to get all the details in from the...


Brought together to train as a super team, the members of Dragonforce are surprised when their first mission is rescuing one of their own: Holly Sental, an alien whose past has caught up with her has been stolen from Earth by old enemies. Once Holly is returned, they confront a monstrous mutant created by toxic waste. A SF super-team comic with alien action and environmentalist messages.

Holly Sental, an alien from the planet of Stevlar, and once the leader of the elite Stevlarian Knights, she has highly advanced armor and can fly. She’s ready to leap into action if she sees someone in danger. She takes the form of a pale green-haired woman when not in her armor, which compresses into a “Stevlarian Gem” she wears as a pendant.

Maire Siddons, a psychic and practitioner of magic; voluptuous with voluminous black hair. She can open portals to command demons; demons and animals have an immediate sense of loyalty to her.

Kohl Drake, nearly indestructible warrior and the team leader. Blonde and muscular, he wears a suit mad of ancient reptilian skin, marked with the sign of a dragon, that enhances his own physical abilities. An encounter with a mutant monster turns him into a dragon-man, with wings and enhanced speed. 

Kamikaze, a Japanese-Canadian female samurai whose sword skills are unmatched; she owns the Canadian hideaway where the team trains. She’s also the computer expert of the team and was trusted by Holly with Holly’s personal data files.

Mark Quay (Alloy), formerly paralyzed after being shot by a street gang, Mark wears a suit that bypasses his spinal injury and allows him to “move freely, and much, much more.” Red haired (later with a shaved head) and naturally muscular, the suit enhances pre-paralyzed physical prowess. He wears signature round red sunglasses.

Heuskabores, huge and ugly, these alien enemies of the Stevlarians (Holly’s people) destroyed most of their planet.

Ethan Sental, Holly’s brother, who was corrupted by wearing another Stevlarian Knight’s Stevlarian Gem. She’s able to rescue him from the Heuskabores Mind Wash and return him to the side of good, but at a loss to his armor. 

High Commander, the leader of the Heuskabores.

Bob Smith, a naturalist (long brown hair and brown beard) who discovers a crisis in an Alaskan toxic waste dump.